Dad Seeks A Personal Trainer In Hilarious ‘Toddler Fitness Challenge’ Video

La Guardia Cross’ daughter Amalah is determined to help her dad reach his fitness goals.  

In a recent video for his “New Father Chronicles,” the YouTuber and artist is determined to shed his dad bod and calls in a professional to help: his 2-year-old daughter.

Sporting a bandana and her best workout gear, Amalah whips her dad into shape. From strength training to jumping rope, just watching La Guardia and Amalah work out made us break a sweat. We’re definitely going to give the toddler twist, toddler bounce, and tantrum stomps a try.

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Cross will soon have another little personal trainer, as his wife is expecting a second bundle of joy.

“In about 4 months, the babypocalypse forces will strengthen,” he shared on Facebook

We wonder what the “Baby Fitness Challenge” will look like?