Kyla Pratt’s Real Life Is As Romantic As The Lifetime Movie She Stars In
Kyla Pratt in Lifetime’s Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve

Kyla Pratt’s longtime love—the father of her three children once gifted her with a portrait of her as Rose in Titanic (he’s just creative like that). The Christmas gift is one of her favorites even though the Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve actress doesn’t like gifts. It’s kinda perfect she is starring in a Lifetime Christmas movie – her real life is just as romantic.

“I just love being around my family, listening to music, having hot chocolate and decorating the tree,” shared the 34-year-old actress in a candid chat. “I could do a Christmas with no gifts.”

Pratt plays the role of Corinne in the Lifetime movie, which she filmed in Canada during the pandemic after two weeks of quarantining. In Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve, which premieres December 5, Corinne returns home for Christmas where she rekindles a romance with her college sweetheart.

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“The film is about a young woman who was in a relationship with a young man in college and they separated,” says the actress. “They were supposed to come back together and they didn’t. So they run into each other years later and it’s kind of the feeling of you left me hanging.”

She hopes the whimsical Lifetime movie helps others escape their daunting reality just for a few. “I want people to really allow themselves to get lost in a story right now that is about love, joy and people coming together.”

Pratt’s fans have also been able to escape with the beauty watching her nostalgic show One On One on Netflix. Pratt is humbled by all the love she’s received since people have been home to enjoy the classic Black comedy on the streaming service.

“To be a woman now and see the impact it had on so many people…It’s crazy because all the other shows coming on Netflix—I was so hyped to see that they were coming on. Then I’m like, ‘Oh, this is how people feel about me,’” Pratt says.

She went on to call it “nostalgic” and explained how full circle of a moment it is to watch it with her daughter. “Being able to watch it with my daughter now and her seeing mommy work when she was younger– it’s just an amazing feeling.”

Pratt’s life may seem like a mystery since she’s always kept her private life very private, but you might have seen her family on the short-lived reality TV show Black Ink Crew: Compton.

The child-actress-turned-grown-woman has always kept it that way but opened up to the cameras to give fans a glimpse at her as a working mother. Speaking of work, Pratt stopped to reflect on how her childhood was pretty much work. So much so, she decided to take a step back and focus on motherhood.

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“I was everywhere during my childhood and I think you got so used to work, work, work, work, work I didn’t know how to sit still.” Eventually, she yearned to get back to her craft. “It was like, I’m enjoying mommy hood, but after a couple of years it was like, mommy want to work,” she says.

Reflecting on what she’d tell her younger workaholic self, she said, “If I had to talk to younger me, I would just be like don’t think so much, let everything flow.”


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