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[BLANK_AUDIO] I feel like I'm gonna have to wait till the next step to be able to really look back at it, but it's just different, you know people come up to you, they recognise you, they talk to you like they know you, and I love that. Cuz the way I feel like I like to act is by giving everything that I truly am, so when you see me you do know me. To some extent of course. To some extent, right. So I love it. I just love the connection. I love seeing people so excited about the projects, and actually like Seeing how it resonates with them, they come up so passionate that I'm like, wow, I can only imagine what's going on behind close doors, you know. So I love it. It's amazing and I love seeing my face everywhere. Seeing it everywhere. [LAUGH] Of course. [UNKNOWN] That's what I work so hard for. [UNKNOWN] purpose of all these game here. Your character, Ralph Angel. Yeah. Society, family, people aren't necessarily giving him a second chance. He's fighting for his second chance. What is it like bringing that new type of character to the screen? It's really cool because I've seen it done in many different types of ways and From my approach I really wanted it to be a human thing. I didn't want it to be about his past. I didn't want it to even be about his future. It was more about the now, the present. Who is he, right now? And I don't know if he knows that completely. But I do know what he knows he isn't. Mm-hm. So focused on the love. The human aspect. The fact that he loves his Kid, he loves his family and he loves the land. He loves his father, even though he doesn't have him anymore obviously. So it's that whole quest for identity and the dualities, of his self, and then the other self. So I feel like
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