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[MUSIC] Today on Essence Live, Kay Michelle is here and ready to take on your questions. More of the star-studded action from our Black Women in Hollywood event, and we're going to talk to the queen of reality tv, Miss Mona Scott Young. But right now it's the hot list. The biggest stories you're buzzing about today. [MUSIC] Alright now, y'all. We love the internet. I mean, seriously, when life has me low, there is nothing I love more than a good hashtag or a meme. And today's hashtag, white people invited us to the cookout, is giving me all types of life. @Alyssa_sibleyy said, Derek from Cheetah Girls can come. Raven gotta stay home tho. @Fatsmcgee wants one of the presidential candidates to come. She Tweeted, my man Bernie earned his seat in the 60s. He been at the cookout. And even our favorite white people are getting in on the fun. Comedian Gary Owen said, I've been invited to so Speaker 1: "So many cookouts. I don't think I can make them all." Now they may not have nabbed Oscars yet, but you can score another one for film directors Ava Duvernay and Ryan Coogler. Their Justice for Flint rally raised $145,000 for the Flint water crisis. And if you missed the show, no worries! You can still give back through The website [MUSIC] Alright, now. The dispute between Melissa Harris Perry and MSNBC is getting ugly. Now that her show has been terminated, the TV host said she refuses to abide by the network's gag order. She told CNN Money, I told my team we can' allow our own show to go off air, and then provide racial cover by having me continue to host the show. So people see the little black girl up there. She also unleashed a series of skating tweet she is culminated in the gift of this. [MUSIC] All right now. We finally have our first real look at Zoe Saldana in the upcoming Nina Simone biopic and Im just gonna leave this one to twitter. Here we go, at TerryJBenton said So every dark skinned, black actress of reasonable talent was booked and unavailable? Every single one? And @Jelanishotthis disagreed, man they really got Zoe Saldana looking like melted clay for this Nina Simone movie. But, it's Nina Simones estate for the win. They tweeted @ZoeSaldana Cool story but please, take Nina's name out of your mouth for the rest of your life. [SOUND] I guess they told her. But when it comes to black women and our images in the media, we are very particular. And nobody, we mean nobody gets Taken to task more for their depiction of black women than today's guests. Kay Michelle, and Mona Scott-Young are in our studio next to discuss the good, the bad, maybe not so ugly of reality tv. it's Thursday, March 3 and Essence Live starts now. [MUSIC] Welcome welcome welcome, what's up to Essence live, I'm your host Dana Blair, we always ask you to chime in via social media, phone calls and e mails, join our conversations And this time you showed up and showed out. So today, you are interviewing my first guest. That's right, she'll be answering all of your questions right here on ESSENCE Live. And in case you wanna follow along with your Twitter fingers, use the #ESSENCELIVE or you can just go ahead and save our email address into your phone. ESSENCELIVE@ESSENCE. COM. All right, let's get started. Her latest album is called More Issues than Vogue and she is known for discussing all her issues love life, Twitter beefs and more not one but two. I said two hit reality shows. Please welcome my girl Kay Michael. Hello. Hello. Absolutely beautiful. I'm loving this due on you. Thank you, thank you. How are you feeling? I'm great, just working a lot. And that's a good thing. Yes. That's a good thing, working on passion projects. Are you ready to answer some of the questions from the fans? Yes, let's answer them. I promise they're good ones, we got good ones. All right, so we have a phone caller. Caller, what's your name and where are you calling from? Jarious and Stafford Virginia. Hi Jarious, thank you so much for calling in. What is your question for Kay Michelle? My question is are you returning back to love and hip hot [UNKNOWN] because these last two seasons have been boring without you? All right, so are you coming back to love and hip hop ATL. I'll be in and out, but no I've been working, I've been doing an album, I've been on the road, so I haven't really been able to do a lot of You'll see me pop in and out. Do you keep in touch with a lot of your cast mates in Atlanta? I speak with Joseline, I speak with Karlie here and there, but that's about it. All right. Well, we'll keep our eyes peeled for you. Thank you so much caller for coming in. All right, so we have some more questions. All right, so we have a couple that'll pop on our monitor here. Our first one It's going to be a doozy I believe. @crazyqueenchar what is your favorite song on the new album? I could say my favorite song on the new album is a song called I love the life I chose. It's basically just talking about the The different things I've gone through in my life, and I'm not complaining about them and I'm proud of these things. Just the musicality behind the record, the feel of the record, the lyrics, I could say that's my favorite record. Okay, Awesome. All right. Let's take our second one. @crhiss94 did your label let you do the kind of music you wanted to this time? Yes, I think they did. I kind of balanced a lot of things out. I'm always writing and doing different things. Different genres, different sounds, things like that so. I was able to blend a lot of different Sound, but I'm also putting out after this the country EP. Wow, OK. As well. It's something I've always wanted to do. But this album actually was a great blend of what they wanted, the fans wanted and just overall who I am as a musician. Do you feel sometimes that you're restricted because we know you for having such a strong voice. Yeah. That you're restricted to a certain sound? I feel like African-American women period in the music industry are restricted right now. Mm-hm. We're told if we sing ballads we're sent to urban a c and nothing is wrong with urban a c but that's a smaller. Smaller market. Yeah and people hearing you. But if others Seeing ballots, you know, they go to top 40. So, I feel like every African American woman, you know, who's singing soul or anything kinda meaning is kinda hard- [CROSSTALK] Is pigeon-holed? Yeah. All right. Our next fan question, DIVALICIOUS09, okay with the names DIVALICIOUS09. What would be your goals in music before you decide to retire? I would say my goal would be. Just to, you know, completely be free. I really think I achieved that goal. Mn-hm This album because I didn't really think much about, you can't do this or what are they gonna think about this. I really was just singing. Mn-hm So I think my ultimate goal is freedom and being in my artistry. And not allowing people to tell me what I should hear, what I should sing. That has been my ultimate goal, and I know I've achieved it this album. That's awesome. Do you ever think about retiring? Or like- Yes! What that moment may look like for you? Yes, I was telling him this is my last album You know I'm going to do the county EP but like my businesses and different things the keep me really, really, really, busy. And I love music, you know Atlantic just gave me a lable so I'm able to, Congratulations. sign artist to Atlantic so you'll be hearing more about that. So with all of that it just, You know it keeps you busy. My restaurant is opening up in Atlanta. I'm the first african american to have a Jack Daniels endorsement, I have a drink coming out through them. It's just so much, so I have a love for all of these things. So you know, albums take up so much time, because I'm not going to put out anything. It has to be a great body of work. So after this album, I'm probably gonna take a little break cuz I have so much going on. And I'm gonna tour on this album, they'll be about four to five singles off this album. So the album will be out through the year, so I probably take about, I don't know, about Six seven months off. All right, you all heard it here on SSI the [UNKNOWN] show got a takeover that's happening. So more more fan questions. Next up we have Shae Hinton. Are you interested in doing movies? Yes I am IM very interested in doing movies. I have some things coming up We've been working on and you'll get to see that. Are you a comedian? A dramatic actress? What kind actress do you consider yourself? You know what? I'm great at comedy on accident. [LAUGH] You are funny. I really, it's on accident. You are funny. The truth can be really funny, and people have to understand that. That, but also, I wanna get into roles that people wouldn't necessarily think that I would do. So when I've been with ICM, my agency, it's been more about, there's been different things I won't really [UNKNOWN] take, because I really wanna challenge myself and show other things that I can do. And Everybody has run into acting and they're taking this thing here and this little thing here and doing it, it just has to be the right thing. I want to make a real statement, even with my first role, so that's what's been going on with me now. Alright awesome, so now the fans want to get a little personal, alright, here's the next one. Lynette Simmons, do you go to church, and how often do you go? My God, I do believe in God and I go to church but I'm never home. Okay. Always Sundays are my travel days. And it's like when I'm traveling back to one of my homes it's always that. So I have to constantly in my purse there's this big white bible in there. Mm-hm. I keep that. I try to watch church online when I can but I'm traveling. There's really never been a Sunday almost in about two years that I wasn't traveling on a Sunday. All right. Next stop. Sylvia Grace. Are you afraid that your son may see and hear the things you say and do on your show? What will you tell him when he comes to you? My son is like my little friend. Like he's very much aware You know, he's very much aware of the things around him, like politics. I'm voting for a certain person, he feels like if he could vote, he would vote for a certain person. My son has a mind of his own, and I've always raised him to be very much open and aware of the issues in the world. Mm-hm. As his mother, I don't Advise them to go and do everything that I've done or take things like that. I do advise him to go and make smart decisions. So when you have a relationship like that with your child, you're able to speak to them on another level. Another level, yeah. I keep him respectable, I let him know I'm the mother, but we do have a relationship that is You know very open. Like he may not tell his grandmother something but he's always going to tell me. He won't tell his father something but->> That's okay. But he will come and tell me. He'll say mom this is what happened. And that's really what I talk to him about. He's not even into my show though, which is really crazy. Yeah, he's so like, he tells his friends that's my mom when he's trying to be cool. But other than that, he doesn't sit there and watch it, he's not into it. Okay, well they say I have the time for one more. Tiffany says, what would you name your daughter if you have one in the future? Her? You guys are going to laugh. If I had a daughter, I would name her Rainbow. [LAUGH] Okay! Like on Black-ish. Alright. I am! Now last one, I'm sorry, is a quick comment that we have. Let's see, what we got here, Essence Live? NV Brooke says K, girl, you're the queen of shade. I live for your type of petty. Thank you for the laughs. See, again, talking about that sense of humor. You know, they get so mad. To me, it's fun. It's really funny. I was that little girl in Memphis that cracked jokes a dozen and things like that. So I was that little that can Go like, cracking the jokes and doing stuff. So when people, they might be in a full fleshed beef with me but I'm really laughing. It's okay, it's okay. Like I'm thinking it's hilarious because I'm just good at it, it's really fun. So I'm cracking jokes I can sit here like a comedian when it comes to that. So it makes people laugh, I'm laughing It is. I'm like- That's all that matters. Girl, get over it, it's funny. That's all that matters. [LAUGH] And Essence festival is coming right around the corner, 4th of July weekend, we just announced that we have Mariah Carey joining the lineup- Love her. Kendrick Lamar, they also confirmed. Anybody you're looking forward to seeing this year, and why? I love Mariah, you have to see Mariah. Mariah's who you looked up to You know as a little girl I just remember my first experience on the main stage at Essence. It was amazing. Essence is a movement. Essence the whole you know time there is about music. Yeah. And good food. So I'm there for the music, the food, and Mariah. Yes. All right well there you have it. Thank you so much for coming by. Thank you. You're welcome any time. Our time is way too short. I have so much I want to talk about. [CROSSTALK] Michele's new album is More Issues than Vogue, make sure you go out and buy it. Coming up, we speak to her former love and hip hop boss, Miss Mona Scott-Young. Don't go anywhere, it's going to be juicy. But first, if you missed our black women in Hollywood event, you missed a lot. Check it out. [MUSIC] So with me right now, my girl, Keke Palmer. How are you? My gosh Good to see you, you look so beautiful. No. I'm almost there, I'm almost there. Look at that, look at that. You look absolutely fabulous. What made the hair change? You know, when I first cut my hair I cut it when I did Cinderella and I loved, loved, loved the pixie and I just wanted to go one step further with that freedom I was feeling from cutting my hair off. You know, being an entertainer all the hair, different choices that you're forced to. To do with your acting. I just felt so relieved to be able to do something and make the choice on my own about what I wanted to look like. Do you think you're ever gonna go all the way baldy? I think I will, actually. What!? Yeah, I think I can feel that coming on soon, yes, for sure. So, I'm doing Dream Girls on the West End in London. And my whole entire family is flying out there. I'm really excited [UNKNOWN]. [LAUGH] Tell me a little bit about this film you had at Sundance, right, that kicked **** and everybody's talking about, fill me in on that. Man, Southside With You, it just got bought by Miramax-Roadside. That's amazing. So everybody's gonna get to see it, and I'm excited about that. John Legend's one of the producers- Love that. And I'm a producer on it as well, and it's about the first date of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson, so you get to see all the conversations that might have taken place, a lot of it is pulled from public domain, but like, it's a love story, and I'm really excited for people People to see it. Debbie has been a personal mentor of mine for the last almost 30 years. She paid for my senior year at Howard University. Wow. I was the first recipient of the Debbie [UNKNOWN] Scholarship. That's a great story. All of the work that she's done and the lives that she's changed. She's actually mine. Now talk to us about some of your upcoming projects. I know I've seen you lately. Well I'm doing a little bit of power. I've seen you lately, yes, power. Which I'm very very excited about. It's a very different role for me. That'll start, when does the season start? June? July? July. July, so that'll start then. I'm in Roots, I'm playing Kizzy, and that will come out on Memorial Day, I think, in May. That's amazing. So excited. That's exciting and I'm purchasing rights to books and just trying to do some different things that come from another angle. I'd actually auditioned for the role of Chris Darden. Out of the blue I got a call asking me to play the role of AC. Hey, this is Malcolm Jamal Warner, and you are watching Essence Live. [MUSIC] You are watching Essence Live. I'm you're host Dana Blair. Joining us now is a woman who's television shows have been dominating your Monday nights for a few years now. Please welcome to Essence Live Love and Hip Hop creator Mona Scott Young. Hi. I am in heaven right now. Are you really. I totally am. From a creative perspective, from a business perspective, you are someone I have wanted to sit down with for a long time. Welcome to Essence Live. Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here. I have to jump right into it. You're a woman that many love to hate in terms that you're telling a story that Some feel a certain way about it, but you have millions of people who are now addicted to all of your franchises. How you feel about that? You're right. There is a love, hate relationship with the franchise. I hope it doesn't extend to The relationship with me, but I understand sometimes they shoot the messenger. Right. I think people are drawn to the show because they recognize the stories, they recognize the people. And sometimes what we're seeing is not always exactly how we'd like ourselves to be portrayed. And so it's easy enough to just say, this is horrible, but I can't stop watching it. I'm riveted. Right, but it's real. It's real. It's real. I mean, you know, there's so much I guess questions, controversy around whether or not it is real? Right? We're not making up anything that's happening in their lives. We're not making up any of the circumstances that you're seeing play out on the show. What we do is, we put it within the construct of a production calendar, of a production schedule. You know where in real life you might say, I'm never talking to you again. And then, you can actually walk away and never talk to that person again. When you're shooting a show, you've signed on to be part of an ensemble cast. You talk to them on Tuesday. Yeah. You got to come back and talk to them on Tuesday. [LAUGH] Exactly. So Peter Gunn has. Said before that maybe he and say Tara have had conversations, the conversations are real but you have them reenact or [UNKNOWN]. Is that- Absolutely, cuz everything that you see on the show is based on what they tell us. So when people go they made me do, well I wouldn't have even known this was happening had you not shared this information. True. With us, so we have a group of APs that are every day talking to the talent, especially after scenes, how do you feel about that. And when they give us information about certain things like you're not gonna believe the conversation we had last night. Well like we need that conversation, cuz it's gonna connect the dots for us On the story we've been telling, so we recreate the conversation. I always say, we don't fabricate but we do recreate. Has anyone ever said anything or you ever read a comment and it made you take pause, like step back, like it affected you and maybe your approach. Well, not necessarily my approach but certainly has affected me. I'm human. Mm-hm. And some of the things that they say can be Pretty, wild. I've had people say things about my children. And I have 12 year old daughter and my son is a teenager. He's actually in college now, he's 18. But, they read social media. They see the comments that are being made. So sometimes that's Stuff can be hurtful in the sense that I know that it may hurt someone that I care about. But I stopped taking it to heart a very long time ago, mainly because I know it doesn't reflect who I truly am. Do you feel there might be a double standard in the industry? And I say this because if you look at, say, a Bravo, an Andy Cohen Some of their, I don't want to call them characters, castmates for some of their franchises, find themselves in very similar situations, whether it's a physical altercation or back and forth spats, but they're not necessarily put in the same light as you. We could talk about that all day, because yes, absolutely I feel that there's a different standard that I am held to. And I understand and accept the role that I have as a A black woman, but I'm also a black business woman, and I'm doing business much like my counterparts, who aren't held to those same strict standards. But what I also say all the time is that when you're talking about Love and Hip Hop and this very specific world and the people who navigate this world, right? They have their experience which shaped who they are. Right. And that determines how How they react to situations. How they express themselves. Much different from a doctor, lawyer Indian chief, right? Valid point. And so you have got to take it in the context of the world that they are navigating. It may not be the way you and I communicate the way we Resolve tensions or conflicts, but there is a certain sense of judgement that I probably take the most offense to. When I think about the backlash or the criticisms of the show, it all comes from this very judge Judgemental place. And I think that there are, you know, I say it all the time until I'm blue in the face, there are tons of shows that people can watch that depict different backdrops in different lifestyles, right? Love and Hip Hop is one, leave them alone. This is You know the world that they know, the way that they never get their world. They have every much a right to be here as you and I do. Let's talk casting. The Love and Hip Hop it seems that were not seeing much love as in terms of stable relationships. I wouldn't say that. We have two phenomenal weddings two seasons in a row. Yandy and Mendece that was a love story bar none. And then They're my new standard for love Yeah and Remy and Pat. That story just, you know, when I first met Remy, because I'd known Pat for quite some time when he was much younger. The circumstances Hm surrounding their courtship and their subsequent marriage and having to getting married over the Phone while she was in jail. Listen, there are things we didn't even have a chance to touch on, in the story, that I think speaks to tremendous love and sacrifice. He raised her child, her child that she had with another man. the man. You know. We'll have him here on this show just to see on camera as well as off, just the love that connection they seem to have. It's my new standard. Absolutely so it's like I vehemently disagree when you say there's not much love. You know absolutely wrong. I think there's a lot of love. I think that love comes in different packages for different people, and I think maybe there's not our standardized notion of what love is supposed to be. Okay, that's fair. But again I think you're talking about people who have had certain experiences to draw from. In a different space. Has there ever been a circumstance, something that's come up where you said, you know what, we're not gonna put this on camera. I think this is too far, this is something you may regret later. Have you ever had to reel them back in, if you will? Well, what I'll say is that there's a fine line because there is the relationship that I have with them and I love the fact that they feel like they can talk to me about most anything, but there's also a contract that we make in essence. And I'm not talking about a deal contract, I'm talking about the fact that it's like if you're going to do this and this all happens Way before they signed the deal, I'm just like, be very clear about whether or not this is something that you're prepared to do. One, because of how much of yourself- You're sharing. Is going to be expected. And then two, because of the judgement and backlash and the critique that comes with being on reality television. Once, you know that line is crossed, I think there's an understanding on all sides that I committed to this, I agree to do this, I've got to see it through to the end. Sure, there have been times when we talk about like, "Woah, I don't believe that this is what is going on right now." But, I think there's, also, the understanding that I have signed on to share my life and this is part of my life and what's happening. Mm-hm. And I'm being an open book. Being an open book. What comes to mind is Mimi with the sex tape. Right. We had a lot of conversation about that You do understand what? And she was just like, I know what I signed up for. Did he know about it before hand, the sex tape? No. I mean, I found out about the sex tape right as we were shooting. Wow. When we started getting, you know, the information in. Mm-hm. And that's when I had the conversation with her. But at that point, We're in production, she's already made the commitment to share and bear her life. Right. But it was more just talking through what that's going to mean and she had a lot of Trepidation because, of course, knowing that she has a daughter, and- Right. So it wasn't a publicity stunt from your point of view. Or was it? I don't know, it's hard. I'd be passing judgement now, wouldn't I? Okay. If I commented on that. [LAUGH] Do you think you'll transition into scripted work, or- Absolutely! What's next for Mona Scott? I mean, absolutely. There are so many things. What I did after Leaving you know my management business and moving into this company created a platform where I had the freedom to explore different parts of entertainment. It wasn't necessarily limited to television or to production. Okay. So you know the Love and Hip Hop franchise took off tremendously, but I have So many other things, so many other business ventures of course Mix Fusions Excato. Right. Which you know everyone is familiar with I hope. But it's doing extremely well. I have a recollection coming out. I partnered with Simone Smith, LL Cool J's wife and she has her Sis jewelry line so we are doing MMS white collection, and at the center of that is the empowering. Mm-hm. Which is the rings are always kind of my signature pieces. Mm-hm. So we're doing that, and I've got a publishing entity, where I'm trying to Meld the worlds of social content and reading so it becomes almost a social reading experience. You are a busy woman. Well, I have a lot of things I want to do before I kick the bucket. [LAUGH] My bucket's like a tub, and I've got a lot to To check off. What's one piece of advice if you will, a business tip, that you may have for anyone in our Essence live audience that's looking to maybe be an entrepreneur or step into, this seems to be your purpose. This seems to be what you're destined to do. Step into what they feel what they may be destined to. It's interesting, the one piece of advice I live by came from An American Airlines catalog on the plane right and I think his name is Howard [UNKNOWN]. But he's this business man who does these seminars. Okay. And was this quote that said in life you don't get what you deserve you get what you negotiate. I love that. And I always Followed that because I realize that a lot of times we go around with a sense of entitlement and we go around feeling like we put in all this work. Why doesn't someone recognize that and compensate us for that? Well that someone is you. And that point that you want to get compensated fairly comes when you're doing your deal, working up your salary. Figuring out how you're going to be vested in the investment that you're making in this entity. And so it's something that always stuck with me and it's my mantra that I live by. We heard from TMZ that Either Miami or Houston will be the next Love and Hip Hop franchise market. Can you confirm or deny said allegation? Confirm or deny, said allegation. [LAUGH] I will say that I am looking at another city, my partners and I and the network are looking at another city. Shout out to New Orleans. Yay. Because I love In New Orleans passionately and- I'm a Louisiana girl. I have been looking in New Orleans for a show. Mm-hm. It's not Love and Hip Hop, at least not at this stage. Mm-hm. But I do want to do something there but there will be another city, I can confirm that. Okay. But you'll have to tune in and wait like the rest of the free world. Mm hm, we gonna talk about [UNKNOWN] a little bit later. Okay, so here's a game, I'm going to show you, it's gonna show up on this fabulous screen behind me to the right, different talent and you say whether or not you have not spoke to them in regards to maybe joining Love and Hip Hop. This is not a game You say yay or nay. This is a fact finding mission. I've been duped! [LAUGH] Let me tell you something, we are obsessed here. So this is kind of about personal needs. But okay, let me show you the first one. [LAUGH] Let's see. Ricky Rose Ross. Ricky Rose! Yea or nay? You know what? Well Rick has been on the show a couple times. You know Omarion signs him. So we had him on there, and then there's actually another project That I have that his ex lady Lira was on. So of course I know Rick Welsh, shout out to Rick. But what is that a confirm or deny, I have spoken to him. Look at that So not for Love and Hip Hop. I can absolutely confirm. Okay. Yes. Okay, next one. Uh-huh. [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Well I'm desperately seeking you. [LAUGH] Paul? [UNKNOWN] Poor me. What is with you? Absolutely. You gotta pick up the phone Alright, my next one? Flo-Rida! Give me sequin top, yay or nay? That's a cool top. Listen, I have wanted to be in touch, notice how I choose my words- I know, you saw me leaning? I gave you Oprah lean. With absolutely Everyone who's anyone in the culture of course. Yes. So the question is exactly what again? That sounds like a yes. What is the question? You're in touch to To possibly work with him on one of your franchises. Okay, no. Okay, next. Aw that's my boy. I just love Khaled. You know Khaled is a friend to the room, a friend to the building. Everything I've ever needed, Calad has been there for us, so shout out to Calad, I love him to death. Yay or nay? Calad is on my speed dial for anything I ever need in life. Got you. And so- In life? In life? I mean, listen, when he was doing his song I was like Calad I need the mix moscato in there, he throws it in there. If we're looking to do something with the show. Khaled's just amazing. So much love for Khaled. Next, Trina. I love Trina. The baddest. The bad. Yes. You know why this is hard for me? Every single, or at least I'd like to think that most of the people on this list, I consider friends, right? Or on In the Rolodex I was in hip hop way before I started doing love and hip hop. So, I talked to all these people all the time about different things. Might I mention, maybe? I don't know. Let's see, there was [INAUDIBLE] You're like the zip lippy emoji. I think I have one more, or two more. Who else we got? Let's see who else we have. Let's see. Trick Daddy. Tricky D. Yay or nay? Again, I plead the fifth. I think it's time for me to start pleading the fifth. You pleading the fifth? Let me go real quickly, then. [UNKNOWN] I plead the fifth. I don't know about that. I think there's something about tuning in and not knowing who's gonna be on there. So [UNKNOWN] the original Fetty **** You heard the original Fetty Wap that is absolutely hysterical. I think enough is enough. Okay enough is enough. We have to leave something to the imagination. You've given me some [UNKNOWN]. I feel, I feel, I feel good. Do you feel satiated. I feel satiated. Can you adopt me? Absolutely, I love a good strong black woman let's make it happen. Thank you so very much Mona for joining us it's an honor and a pleasure you have to come back. Thank you. I'm going to assume that people know that being Mona Scott Young airs on [UNKNOWN] this Saturday, 10:00 pm. Yes they do. Nine, eight central. [LAUGH] I'm gonna mention it, I'm gonna mention it. Thank you so much for joining us. As I read my prompter. You can You can learn more about Mona Scott Young and the docu series Be, which airs March 5 on Centric. Coming up, we've got more news from our recent Black Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles. But first, more from my interview with Angela Bassett, where she discusses her new film, London Has Fallen And why she is pro Hilary in 2016. [MUSIC] In this film, you play another strong, female lead. Can you tell us a little bit about your character? Well I continue with Len Jacobs. She is the head of the [UNKNOWN] Social Security. No, the secret service. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Head of secret service, that's who I was last time. And she's Mike Banning's boss. Mike is our hero. He's like the best in the business He's my go-to guy. He's the one I trust. He's troubled, he's had his issues with coming back to the force, with something going down in Olympus on his watch. Right. And of course me being the First Lady of the Secret Service, you can imagine who Lynn might be coming up, the focus and determination that she had to have to get to this high office. Right. Definitely. You know It's boys' club. Exactly, and it was interesting when we did Olympus Has Fallen, it had never been a woman as head of Secret Service, and about a year after, you know, we completed and, you know, movie was in the theatres, one was appointed Our president appointed one. So, that was a case of life imitating art. And speaking of female first, Hillary Clinton's running for president. Yes. What are your thoughts on there possibly being our first female president here in the U.S.? That would be so first world, so exciting. It's almost unbelievable that It is the first. But we still have some hurdles in this country to jump over. For me she is more than qualified for the job. Male, female, whatever. More than qualified for the job. Is that why you're supporting her? Because we saw, of course, of your social media that you put it out there, I support Hillary. Yeah, absolutely. I You know, I supported her the last time she ran. But there was someone else who energized and galvanized me even more, our present President. But yeah. And he's almost on his way out! I just got a little melancholy for a moment. I apologize. Look, you're tearing up! It's like, no! I just lost focus, sorry about that. Yeah. Also- And she did a wonderful job. Form. They were able to shake hands together. Yeah, able to go secretary of state and do a wonderful job, she's had so many, such a wide and varied perspective. I think she'd be fantastic. [SOUND] [MUSIC] I mean the long list. The Creed movie. Michael B. Jordan total snub. Edris Alba did a phenomenal job in Beast of No Nation. He should have gotten it, absolutely. Maybe he's too thug as they one said but whatever, white people say a lot of things. Straight out of Compton. Straight out of Compton. Straight out of Compton. Straight out of Compton was such a monumental movie. Somebody from that movie should have been nominated. Is nominated for best screen play but none of the actors were even invited to the Oscars. It's like okay first you don't nominate me, that's one thing But then you nominate the movie that I'm in and I don't get no invite? Whoo, that is so rude. I was expecting it to be one of those films where you're like was this filmed on an iPhone? Sorry, call me a hater, but I went, and the acting It was superb. I t was really what we wanted Notorious to be. Notorious was terrible. I loved Biggie. Everybody else, goodbye and good night. But Straight Outta Compton from beginning to end, it was perfect. It did a such an outstanding job of taking a previous real life event and connecting it to current issues that still take place today. That really should have taken home movie of the year, hands down and I'm really hurt that didn't happen. I'm sad that they didn't get the shine they deserve. [MUSIC] You are watching Essence live. I'm your host, Dana Blair. And it is time for our black girl magic moment of the week. This one comes from Boris [UNKNOWN], who told us how he plans to affirm and support his daughter's esteem. Boris, what does that mean to you? I mean, you're a gentleman. You're the father of a daughter. You have a daughter. What does that mean to you? Black girl magic? It means to fortify her spirit and her confidence every single day. She watches her mother. Her mother is her model [CROSSTALK] how to move around in the world and I am the model to show her how to love a black woman so that she gets used to that and that would be her standard when she meets [INAUDIBLE] Somebody. [INAUDIBLE] She's never gonna meet anybody, though. [MUSIC] Amen to that. Boys, you seem pretty serious. Hm. All right now. Thank you so much to Kay Michelle and Mona Scott Young for coming by the show today. If you missed it, of course you can see it again, right here on And of course, our wonderful viewers who wrote in with all of their questions. We love you. I'm your host, Dana Blair. Bye bye. [MUSIC]

K.Michelle and Mona Scott Young Get Real About Reality TV on 'ESSENCE Live'

On this week's episode, K. Michelle dishes on her new album and whether or not she's coming back to Love & Hip Hop, Mona Scott Young sounds off on criticism of LAHH and whether or not reality TV is really real, Angela Bassett reveals details behind her new movie, and lots more!