Kevin Hart’s ‘Night School’ Is Coming To TV

Kevin Hart is bringing his hit 2018 movie Night School to a TV near you.

It was announced that the comedian would be executive producing a new NBC comedy based on the hit movie that he wrote, produced and co-starred in with Tiffany Haddish, the Hollywood Reporter says.

The movie follows a group of misfits forced to attend adult classes in the long-shot chance they’ll pass the GED exam—and it seems that the show will take a similar storyline.

The movie opened in September 2018 and made better than $27 million on its opening weekend. Later, it pulled in $103 million worldwide against a $29 million budget. 

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The production team behind the sitcom includes Hart, Chris Moynihan, Sheila Ducksworth, Will Packer, who produced the film, and Malcolm D. Lee, who directed it.

This is not Hart’s only foray into television. His recent Netflix docuseries Don’t F*ck This Up dropped last month and he is behind FXX’s upcoming comedy Dave and CBS’ game show TKO: Total Knock Out.


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