Eniko Hart, the wife of comedian Kevin Hart, was the focus of media scrutiny two years ago when her husband was caught cheating on her.

And now she is sharing her side of the story in the comedian’s new Netflix docuseries Kevin Hart: Don’t F**k This Up.

In the series’ third episode, she opens up about discovering Kevin’s cheating with another woman documented in a sexually suggestive video that was allegedly film by her husband’s former friend Jonathan Todd Jackson. 

“How I found out was a DM. I don’t know who it was,” Eniko said. “They sent me an edited video of Kevin and, you know, another woman.”

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She continued: “I was pregnant at that time, I was about seven or eight months pregnant. I was having breakfast, I opened my phone and immediately I just lost it. I called him, I’m crying, I’m like pissed. Right then and there, I kept saying, ‘How the f— did you let that happen?’”

“You publicly humiliated me. Your whole everything’s on Instagram, everything’s on social media. It was an ongoing fight all the time. Every single day,” she said. “I kept questioning him, like, ‘If this is what you’re gonna do, I don’t want to be a part of that.’”

Hart and Parrish tied the knot in August 2016 and announced that they were expecting their first child together on Mother’s Day of 2017. Their son Kenzo was born in November 2017, a month after the scandal broke.

For Hart, he says the hardest part of it all was telling his wife.

“That conversation, there is no easy way to have that conversation,” Hart said. “The worst part was just knowing how you made somebody feel. There’s a major effect it could have on the people that you are closest to, who you love the most. When I got to see that first-hand with Eniko when I got to see the effect my reckless behavior had … It was crushing, that tore me up. That really tore me up.”

Parrish reveals that she ended up staying for their son, Kenzo.

“I’m happy that it kind of happened. I get sensitive every time I talk about it,” she explained. “He’s f— up, this was a bad one, this was major. Nine years and I think looking forward, it’ll be better.”

At one point, she wipes away tears: It was a lot for me, but we’ve been through it, we’ve gone through it, we passed it and he’s a better man now because of it.”

“I believe in second chances. I’m all about forgiveness, and you only get two times. Three strikes you’re out, you’re out of here,” Parrish said. “So, as long as he behaves, we’re good.”


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