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Kerry Washington Shares 'Scandal' Premiere Tidbits

The actresses says gladiators should prepare for lots of flashbacks.
Kerry Washington Shares ‘Scandal’ Premiere Tidbits
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With hours left until Scandal fans get their long awaited dose of drama, there are so many questions to be answered.

Kerry Washington, the show’s star, says there’s lots to anticipate in the upcoming episodes. First off, prepare to see many levels of Washington’s private life unfold. “Olivia is multifaceted and layered and complicated,” said Washington to E! News. “I am always discovering new things about her particularly now in the this season when I really have been given a window into her past.”

The Emmy-nominated actress admits she won’t give away too much (obviously), but fans will get to see how her past affects the present. “…You get a peek into her past and you get to see that very broken soul evolve. Every week is going to be a roller coster ride. I am understanding more and more how she became who she is.”

Her costar Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus Beene, says the first episode will take on the Olivia Pope—Fitz Grant leak head on. “These first couple of episodes back are all about the drama of Olivia has been outed by someone,” said Perry. “How did this leak? Who leaked it? Who sent it? Is it possible anyone will actually admit to it? If they do, what will that mean?”

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