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Kerry Washington Almost Cried After This Incredibly Heartfelt Speech

She's got a forever friend in this 'Scandal' co-star. 
Kerry Washington Almost Cried After This Incredibly Heartfelt Speech
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Forget what you’ve seen on ABC’s Scandal between Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant, Kerry Washington and Bellamy Young get along well. They’re actually really close, which is why Young was asked to introduce Washington to accept her 6th Annual Women Making History Award on Saturday.

During the fundraising event Young talked about Washington’s many achievements on and off camera, but noted that all aspects of the 40-year-old make her exceptional.

“The beauty of celebrating women is that we do not need to fragment ourselves into our functions. We know to be a woman, is to be all things at once, to contain multitudes. There are so very many ways that Kerry has made history, but I think knowing her as I do, each triumph must be more important to her because of what it means for those to come. At every moment —in a humble, graceful way— she is aware of her place in history. She knows that the work she does in every arena will make it better for those who follow her. She lifts people up. She is a professional lifter upper.”

Adding, “She is courage, kindness, brilliance, compassion and caring in action. She is true grace and the ripple effect is real. I know that I am a better person because of Kerry. I feel like to know her is to be purified a little bit.”

After Young spoke, Washington came out to embrace her and accept the award but was noticeably teary eyed. 

“Bellamy Young that is the most extraordinary introduction,” Washington said. “I just want to say that sometimes, we have been told a false narrative as women, often, that there is only room for one of us in the room. And it’s part of how they keep us small. Part of the culture of Shondaland is to shatter that illusion and I learned that on day one when I met Shonda [Rhimes].”

“And that culture has extended to all of the women in that land. We don’t hold back from our sisters.”

The mother of two went on to explain her hope for inclusivity in feminist activism and what she hopes the world looks like for her kids in five years. “I want this next generation to be inspired to carry the torch forward of inclusivity but to not do it out of fear. If they can let go of that fear and still have that passion, then I would feel like we’ve all done our job for them.”