Kenya Barris on ‘Black-ish’ Police Brutality Episode
Patrick Wymore/ABC via Getty Images

The most recent episode of Black-ish tackles police brutality and how families can have open conversations about tough topics. It was handled in a way that only Black-ish could and was one of the best episodes of the season.

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Kenya Barris spoke to Vulture about the episode and he explained that the storyline evolved over time.

“I would not say that the episode at its inception was about police brutality,” Barris said. “It really was about the notion of having to have hard conversations with your kids. We chose to use police brutality because we felt like it was the best subject matter for the times. And I do think it’s something that needs to be talked about.”

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The episode was based on a moment in his life when Barris and his wife had to figure out how to address the riots during Ferguson with their son. And Dre’s monologue about President Obama was also another moment of honesty.

“When I watched that inauguration, it was so interesting because a lot of reporters in the background when it was happening, you heard them saying things like, ‘President Obama is wearing one of the first Kevlar-woven suits,’ Barris remembered. “They were basically saying, ‘We are just as afraid as everyone else at home,’ without saying it. Because we all were like, ‘I know the place that I live. I know the things that happen where I live. And if something were to happen right now, this would tear the country apart.'”

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