Kandi Burruss & Kenya Moore Share 7 Reasons to Catch Season 6 of RHOA

They’re baack! Our favorite Southern belles are bridging both the drama (and the occasional sisterhood) on season 6 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. And judging by last week’s explosive season premiere, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Here, stars Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore break down 7 things we’re in store for this season.

1. Lots of emotional moments
KANDI BURRUSS: You’ll get to see the personal dramas that everyone’s going through, as well as the drama amongst the cast. Every single time we got together this year, there was some drama. Like, every time. I’m having serious issues with my mother not being happy with my relationship. You’ll see Mama Joyce a lot more this year. You’ll see Todd and I make things work. This year is not just about the main cast this year; we have a lot of guest characters.

KENYA MOORE: I have a lot of family issues that I deal with this year. I feel like I was portrayed in a one-dimensional way on my first season and I feel like this season is about showing who I really am. You’ll see me tying to reconnect with my father and working on my issues with my mom.

2. Kandi explodes!
KANDI: There were times I was taping this season and thinking, ‘This is not healthy for me.’ Most of the time I try to be laid back and let things go. I’m also not a back-and-forth type of person, so when there’s too much back-and-forth I explode and I think that’s because I have so much stuff that I’m holding in. So, there’s some explosive moments this season.

3. Kenya and Porsha’s relationship is still rocky
KENYA: We don’t have much in common—that’s a fact. We all witnessed her taking delight in my pain and what I was going through in trying to have a husband or a family. I just think that’s a bit of karma. I never want to wish anyone pain so when I heard the news of her divorce I reached out to her. At the same time, she never apologized to me. And I don’t think she ever will. If I want to know about lipstick or weave, I call Porsha. But humility and owning up to your actions? That’s not something she knows.

4. Walter Jackson is still in the picture
KENYA: He’s definitely gone, but he does come to my eviction trial. It’s crazy. Like, why are you obsessed with me? Go away. He calls radio stations when I’m there doing interviews. I regret ever having him in my life at any capacity. I feel like a loser for having dated such a loser.

5. Kenya and NeNe have a falling out
KENYA: It’s surprising to me because I felt like I did have a good relationship with NeNe. I felt like she was supportive of me, like we were developing a real friendship. But I think that, in my own opinion, I think there’s a lot of tension that comes out of nowhere with NeNe and myself. And I’m not sure if even NeNe would be able to justify where it comes from. But, I’ll tell you this: for the reunion, I will tell all that I know. And trust me, I know a lot and it will be stunning.

6. We’ll see Kenya going through her publicized eviction trial
KENYA: It’s what’s happening in my real life. If I wasn’t willing to reveal my real life then I don’t need to be on a reality show. I might as well do a scripted show.

KANDI: I agree, for me, if you’re not going to be real, why be on a reality show? So many people put on a character when they see the cameras roll. I just feel like you need to let the truth be the truth.

7. Marlo Hampton makes her comeback
KENYA: You’ll be happy to know that Marlo may be considered a turncoat this season because she starts off the season being NeNe’s friend, and then we develop a relationship. We actually get along great—I feel like there’s a real kinship there.

KANDI: [Laughs] Because they’re the same type of people. Who gets to talk in that relationship?

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