John Singleton Brings Hip-Hop Angel Drama To The CW

Getty Images

The Oscar-nominated director is working on a "Touched by an Angel-meets-Ghost" infused hip-hop angel drama.

Sydney Scott Nov, 03, 2016

John Singleton is bringing a unique new drama to The CW, home of hit shows Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Singleton’s show Straight Outta Heaven is described as a “Touched by an Angel-meets-Ghost” drama that mixes faith and rap for an “urban twist.”

Written and produced by Singleton and Dallas Jackson, the show is a “hip-hop-infused guardian angel drama.” Jackson said, “John and I have similar genre taste and recognized a need on network television for the underserved urban youth audience and faith-based audience.

The CW is the perfect home for this new kind of hero we’ve created whose superpower is faith.”

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Jackson and Singleton previously worked together on BET’s Rebel. According to Deadline, Singleton is also working on an FX series called Snowfall

Straight Outta Heaven definitely sounds…interesting. No word yet on when the show will go into production or premiere, but we’re curious as to how audiences react to a show about rapping angels and can’t wait for a glimpse of the new drama.