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Jenifer Lewis' 'In These Streets' Remix Will Brighten Your Day

First, Jenifer Lewis remixed "In These Streets" with Brandy and Roz Ryan, now she's taking the definition of remix to new heights.
Jenifer Lewis’ ‘In These Streets’ Remix Will Brighten Your Day
@jeniferlewisforreal via Instagram

Jenifer Lewis is a national treasure and if you’ve checked out her Instagram account recently you may have come across one of the best videos of all time.

In a video posted about a week ago, Lewis urges her fans to got out and vote before launching into a hilarious song accompanied by an all-star choir. This isn’t the first time Lewis has declared that ain’t nobody messing with her in these streets.

Flashback Friday: Jenifer Lewis

Brandy posted the original video after introducing Lewis and Roz Ryan to the phrase, “in these streets.” 

Lewis has since taken the song to new heights with a remix, this time featuring Debbie Allen, Nicole Ari Parker, Boris Kodjoe, Lee Daniels, and Anthony Hemingway. 

Um, can Black-ish give Jenifer Lewis her own musical special, so we can witness Grandma Ruby performing “In These Streets”?

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