Weeks later, we’re all still in shock over that Insecure season finale. (There’s spoilers ahead if you’re late to the party and still haven’t seen it.)

The biggest shock of the episode titled “Lowkey Lost” was a storyline that fans had been predicting all season: Condola (Christina Elmore) is pregnant with Laurence’s child. Though many had guessed it on social media, it still didn’t stop the blow we all felt when it played out on screen. And the show’s star, Jay Ellis, was just as shocked as the rest of us.

“I remember reading that scene … The whole room looks at me waiting for me to say my line, but I’m so shocked that this is what she said,” Ellis told Entertainment Tonight’s Nischelle Turner. “My mind exploded, like, all over the room. I couldn’t believe it.”

Despite the scene leaving us at the edge of our seats for season 5, Ellis doesn’t believe all hope is long for the rekindled pair. “It is one of our great love stories. I do believe that. I hope they make it work,” Ellis shared.

While many fans this season were #TeamNathan (Kendrick Sampson) over #TeamLawrence, Ellis is rooting for his character, saying he “hopes people don’t give up on them.”

He explains, “I think love in general is a bigger thing than that … so I hope people will at least give them the benefit of the doubt and let them get there and let them figure out what’s best for them.” 

Lawrence is every Black man in his 30s juggling life and love, but he’s still a “good guy” who made “bad decisions,” Ellis said.

Actress Christina Elmore as Condola, with Jay Ellis, on “Insecure”

“Somewhere between episode 4, clearly, and episode 8, I think he obviously saw Condola somewhere along the way. One or two things happened, and he made a decision that is now coming back to be a part of his life forever,” he added of that “bad” decision.

Whatever happens between Issa and Lawrence on Insecure — we’ll all be waiting and watching. HBO confirmed there will indeed be a season five coming to the network last month, but they haven’t announced when just yet.


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