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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Octavia Spencer, and I play Dorothy Vaughan, the first African American female supervisor at NASA. Hi, I'm Taraji P. Henson, and I play Katherine Johnson, the mind that sent our men orbiting in space. Hey, I'm Janelle Monae, and I play Miss Mary Jackson, the first African American female engineer. And NASA. [MUSIC] I don't know anything about math. What I do share with [INAUDIBLE] Is her passion for what she loves to do. She loves numbers the way I love the craft of acting. My character Mary and myself have a lot of similarities. One, we both want to fight for something greater than ourselves. And speak up and speak out against injustices. Especially when it involves our race or our gender. We've come far, but I feel like we still have unfinished business. [MUSIC] Prior to the election, I would've said we have made excellent strides, and we have. But what this election has shown us is that there is a bigger chasm that we really could not comprehend. So I think there needs to be more of the Katherine, Mary Do the bond, moving each other forward, we need to champion each other. [MUSIC]

Hollywood is so popping right now, it feels like any dream project we want to see with our faves, will happen.

Adding to the growing list of awesome films is the Charlie’s Angels remake, which may feature Janelle Monae.

As reported by industry publication The Tracking Board, while no cast members are in place yet, Sony wants at least one of the Angels to be Black. And Monae (Hidden FiguresMoonlight) is at the top of the studio’s “wish list” for one of the Angels.

While the deliberate choice to have one Black Angel may seem inorganically forced to some, we give it a round of applause diversity in a classically all-White or choice minority (sorry, Lucy Liu) line-up.

Narcos creators Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro are set to rewrite the script and the goal is for the film to hit theaters in 2019.

With Monae set to work in a more melancholy film this year, we’re excited to potentially see her kicking butt and solving mysteries.