Love Blossoms Between Issa Rae And LaKeith Stanfield In New ‘The Photograph’ Trailer
Universal Pictures

It looks like there’s a brand new trailer for director Stella Meghie’s upcoming romantic drama, The Photograph.

Starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield, the Universal film follows the daughter of a famous late photographer, who falls in love with a journalist and learns new things about her mother along the way.

The new trailer teases the love story between Rae’s Mae and Stanfield’s Michael, seeing the pair’s love blossom from a tender kiss to a full-blown romance.

Rae and Meghie recently discussed the upcoming film at Sundance, where the director shared that the inspiration for the story came from her own grandmother.

“The core idea of it came from something completely different,” Meghie said. “My grandmother was about to meet a daughter that she had when she was very young that went to live with her father that she hadn’t seen in almost 30 years.”

“I just started thinking, ‘What would it be like if you thought about someone every single day for 30 years, but didn’t see them and love them? Then I kind of flipped it from a familial thing to a romantic thing,” she detailed.

The Photograph arrives in theaters Valentine’s Day, February 14.


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