Watch Meagan Good And Michael Ealy Face Off Against A Creepy Homeowner In ‘The Intruder’
“The Intruder” / Sony/Screen Gems
Director Deon Taylor’s latest film, The Intruder, is an old fashioned, heart-pounding thriller. In The Intruder, Meagan Good and Michael Ealy star in the film as Scott and Annie Russell, a young married couple who fall in love with a beautiful house in Napa Valley. After deciding to purchase the home, hoping it’ll be where they’ll start their family, things go dangerously awry.
The house’s former owner, Charlie, played by veteran actor Dennis Quaid, can’t seem to let go of his previous abode and quickly becomes obsessed with the couple and their lives. But is he just a harmless homeowner who’s having a difficult time passing off his beloved residence to the couple, or does he have other sinister motives? The film’s director said fans will just have to stay glued to the screen to find out. Taylor, who also served as a producer on the film, teased fans that they “will not guess the twist to this one.” He also told audiences to “buckle up,” so it looks like we’re in for a serious — and stressful — treat. The Intruder hits theaters on May 3.


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