‘Insecure’ Star Yvonne Orji Finally Answered The Question Fans Have Been Asking
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We’re all still reeling from the season finale of Insecure, but thanks to a recent interview, we’re still finding out more about the beloved show that has the world divided between Team Issa and Team Lawrence.

According to Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly on HBO’s Insecure, we more than likely have seen the last of Rasheeda, aka DaDa, the only other Black female employee at Molly’s law firm. The comedian and actress recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the hit show, her Nigerian roots, and her career. The biggest headline from Yvonne’s interview may have been the fact that she is, in real life, a virgin.

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That is a stark contrast to the sexually charged love life we see her character Molly enjoy. But what some people may have missed during the interview is the revelation that Rasheeda, played by Gail Bean, didn’t survive the “chat” with upper management with her job in tact. Orji confirmed what many viewers have feared, that “DaDa” was fired for being too Black at work.

“I love Twitter for thinking that DaDa is still at the firm,” she tells The Breakfast Club. “She’s gone. DaDa is gone. When they came in and talked to her, that was it.”

What may have seemed obvious to some comes as a surprise to others. After all, when we last saw DaDa, she was being reprimanded by the higher-ups at the law firm for how she was “adjusting to the culture.” Though we couldn’t hear what was being said to Rasheeda in the conference room, the look of shock and disbelief on her face let us know it wasn’t good news. But fired? Really? How exactly does management tell someone they are too Black for the job?

DaDa was confident that her personality is what got her this far; how would she take the news that the same exuberant personality may have derailed her career? And most importantly, will she blame Molly for the whole ordeal?

Molly’s situation is tough. She did try to warn DaDa about toning it down early in the game, but got shade and a metaphorical hair flip for her troubles. Then, in what was a master class on how to professionally tell your bosses no when they have ridiculous requests, Molly declined confronting Rasheeda further about her “Tasha Mackin” in the office.

Yes, “Tasha Mackin” is now a verb; did you miss the memo?

Let’s be real, though. It’s offensive and inappropriate for Molly to be commissioned to reprimand Rasheeda for the partners just because she’s also Black. Isn’t that what HR is for? We can’t blame her for avoiding that situation, but could she have potentially saved DaDa’s job if she had another talk with her instead of leaving it in the partners’ hands?

It’s hard to see excessive lip smacking and hand clapping as reasonable grounds for termination, especially if Rasheeda was excelling in the position. The sad reality for many minorities trying to navigate the corporate world is that code switching is just another skill set needed to survive. But have we seen the last of Rasheeda on Insecure? Will Molly have to confront her again? Check out Yvonne Orji’s full Breakfast Club interview above.


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