Ever since Sarunas J. Jackson caught our eye (and captured our hearts) on HBO’s Insecure, we can’t get enough of the sultry actor. Thankfully, we don’t have to.

He’s now taking his sexiness to new heights with his latest project, co-producing and voicing a three-part series titled Off The Record with audio sexual wellness platform Dipsea. Jackson worked closely with the Dipsea original content studio, the in-house team who specialize in creating sex-positive content that empowers listeners to tap into their sexuality on their terms. 

“I’m all about what Dipsea is doing; not being shamed or shameful about people being sexual, and being very sex positive, and it being ran by women. It’s another way to express myself in a form of art, and a form of freedom,” said Jackson.

The fictional series features a budding sexual relationship between rebellious fashion designer Malcolm, played by Jackson, and a no-nonsense fashion editor, Nina, who is tasked with interviewing him.

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“It’s just fun, you know? And It speaks to a certain part of me, what I want to do as an artist. I want to give people out there the confidence to try that when they [hear] it. That they’re like ‘oh, people actually do this. I’m not the only one,’” he said.

If you want a smooth and baritone voice in your ears while you clean the house or on your way to work, Jackson will have you all into this series. Jackson’s foray into audio, and specifically within the erotic genre, is pioneering a new creative frontier for actors creating incredibly intimate experiences for their fans and breaking past the fourth wall.

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