Sorry, Issa! Lawrence Still Doesn't Want You Back...Or Does He?

In this episode of ESSENCE Now's "We Need to Talk About..." series, editors Lauren Porter and Sydney Scott discuss the Season 2 premiere of HBO's "Insecure" and the fate of #TeamIssa and #TeamLawrence.

Lauren Porter Jul, 24, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] So Syd, we need to talk about insecure. I have been waiting for so long for this show to come. It feels like I've been waiting for years. Literally, my entire life for season two of Insecure to come back and now it's here. And girl. So let's dive in, Esa is trying to get her footing, she's trying to figure out what's happening. I understand that she misses Laurence, but I truly don't think she's really thought about why she misses him. And why she would want to be back, because like, what's gonna change if they get back together? I think that Isa is a lot of us in that, you like miss the idea of someone True. And you know, it was a five year relationship, they were comfortable until things were uncomfortable. And then they kind of felt comfortable again until she cheated. She is trying to hold on to that whole, we were in a five-year relationship. We can make this work, right? It's just not gonna work. Wrong, it's not gonna work because you two have both grown in two different directions. And oftentimes, when you outgrow a relationship, you just have to let it go. You still love the person, that's fair. You can, you're allowed to. Yeah. But you all just are two different people at this point. And that's unfortunate and it's- It is very unfortunate. Sad but maybe they can work to a point where they become friends. Maybe. Maybe, << Maybe. Doubt it. That's a lot of baggage for friendship though. BUt maybe. That's a lot to unpack. It is. Before you can be like cool. I doubt it. Does Isa know about Tasha? Cuz from the first episode I didn't get that feeling. No, you don't, no, no, mm-mm. And I was like. [LAUGH] No, no, I don't. Because at the end of the episode her and Lawrence hook up and it's kind of like well wait a minute, I'm sorry, what? So I have a problem with this. [LAUGH] Because I have a problem, because at the end when he like leaves and she sits on the couch, she like has a smile on her face as if it's like a symbol of hope- It's not. But like girl, no, he don't want you, he just wanted the cooch for five seconds, two pumps, and he was out. That was not hope for a relationship. When we saw at the end of last season when he calls her- Yeah. While she's away with her friends And she took that hope and ran with it, right? And I feel like this is going to be another instance of that, in where she gets her hopes up. Yeah. Because a lot of the times for women, sex equals [CROSSTALK] We're gonna take another step here, or it's gonna lead to something. Where in fact, I just have this inkling, this really strong feeling that he's gonna be like, girl, I do not want you, but thank you. Absolutely. And I don't need that in my life. [MUSIC]