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The Glow-Up Will Be Hella Postponed: 'Insecure' Won't Return To HBO Until 2020

Don't worry: The delay in production doesn’t mean the network has lost faith in Issa and Molly. 
‘Insecure’ Won’t Return To HBO Until 2020

If you’ve been waiting to see how extra Tiffany is as a mother, and if Issa and Lawrence get back together then you’re about to be deeply disappointed—at least until 2020.

HBO programming chief Casey Bloys confirmed that Insecure won’t be returning with another season until 2020, Vulture reports.

“Well, Issa became a big movie star,” said Bloys about ESSENCE’s cover star.

Rae, the show’s star and creator, is currently appearing on the big screen in Little alongside Regina Hall and Marsai Martin.

“We’re not the first place to deal with this, but when you’re in business with very creative and talented people, there’s a lot more opportunities for people to do things,” she added.

‘Insecure’ Won’t Return To HBO Until 2020

The delay in production doesn’t mean the network has lost faith in the adventures of Issa and Molly though. In fact, Bloys revealed that the network scheduled the show’s return date on purpose to give it an opportunity to stand out during awards season.

“It wasn’t exactly random that we ended up [scheduling the show] in the spring, right before Emmys, so that the show should get the Emmy love that it has deserved,” said Bloys.

She added, “Issa, I think, partly wanted a break to come back to it fresh.”

Insecure isn’t the only critically-acclaimed show on the network being postponed. Rae’s fellow comedic writer Larry David’s series Curb Your Enthusiasm won’t be back until 2020 as well.

Guess we’ll have to keep waiting to see what’s happening with Kelly’s godchild.