Another Great Thing About The ‘Insecure’ Season Premiere? The Music! 

Music was a big component in the first season of Insecure, so it was no surprised that Issa Rae and her team kept that same high bar for the premiere episode of season 2.

On social media, audiences gushed at the soundtrack, commenting on how spot on it was. From SZA to Cardi B, the blend was current, but yet elevated the storytelling of each scene.

“Our initial conversations were about keeping consistent with what we had done, to keep featuring underground artists, independent artists,” the show’s music supervisor Kier Lehman told EW

He added: “It’s really important to Issa and [director Melina Matsoukas] that the show sounds really fresh and feels very current. The stories and the setting of the show are current day, so we use the music to help set that scene. This is the music that’s playing right now, this is the music that you hear on the radio, this is the music that’s coming out that you’re streaming online right now or you will be in the next month or two.”

At the end of the first season, the Insecure team released a spotify soundtrack playlist. This time round, they know to release a playlist after each episode — which Rae did right after the episode aired.

So who else can we expect to hear this season? “We’ve got new music from Jorja Smith, Leikeli47, SZA, of course, NxWorries…Kari Faux, Dreezy, TT The Artist,” Lehman says.

So stay tuned for the show’s weekly playlist. Below is the spotify playlist from the premiere episode:

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