In an odd turn of events, Macklemore featured Idris Elba in his new single titled, “Dance Off.”

In the video, Elba has traded in his dapper Bond look for a Cruella de Vil-inspired get up.

The video begins with Elba’s challenge to a “dance off” in which he explicitly lays down the rules.

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“I challenge you to a dance off. Hands off. No trash talk, no back talk. On the black top, just me, you that’s all. No cat calls, no tag teams, no mascots. Right now. Dance off,” Elba narrates.

The music cameo doesn’t come as too much of a surprise (minus, of course, the wardrobe) as Idris Elba is known to work a turntable. Maybe in the video he’s channeling his alias, DJ Driis – only the fur might be too hot for Ibiza.

At any rate, it might be too early to call it, but social media memes are sure to ensue.

Check out the music video above.

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