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I Turn My Camera On, Episode 7: Lance Gross And Actress Pom Klementieff Have A Telling Conversation About Love


On this week’s episode of I Turn My Camera On, Lance Gross welcomes actress Pom Klementieff to his studio for a multi-dimensional conversation about love.

“With love, it’s such large umbrella that it fits under,” Lance says. “It could be your love for life, it could be your love for your family, your love for your partner, your love for your career. Without love, we’re nothing. So, love is a strong value for me.”

As Pom joins the actor-turned-photographer to chat following their photo session, she shares what she loves most about her craft as an on-screen entertainer.

“I love inventing new characters,” Pom tells Lance. “I also love watching movies; that’s why I started [acting], because I would watch and I wanted to be inside the movie. I love survivors so, I love [films] when people have to fight for their lives.”

Pom also opens up about one of the craziest things she’s done for love, what she loves most about boxing and martial arts, and the unforgettable advice she received from Spike Lee. Check out the episode in full above and then head over the official ITMCO website HERE to watch all 7 episodes.


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