Annalise has mo’ problems than the Bad Boy clique Biggie, Mase and Puffy combined.

Within the first two minutes we’re reminded that somebody is going to shoot Annalise in two months (in TV time that’s a few episodes). Her sibling clients accused of murdering their parents have been brought in for questioning for killing their aunt. And Annalise has to take the stand as a witness for Nate’s preliminary hearing. Asher walks in on the group discussing going to Nate’s trial. He still knows nothing about Sam’s murder and the crew wants to keep it that way. So when Asher asks what they’re talking about Connor tells everyone his beau, Oliver, has HIV.

The DA uses the info she’s been fed by the mole, a.k.a. Asher, in court against Annalise. She informs the judge that Eve failed to disclose her friendship with Annalise. Eve argues the two were nothing more than Harvard classmates. During the ping pong of words between the two attorneys the DA insinuates Annalise helped Nate kill her husband. Frank is instructed to find out everything the DA knows. The DA asks about the first time Nate and Annalise had sex and if she knew his wife had stage four Ovarian cancer. Frank got his hands on the arrest warrant that puts Kaleb’s DNA in his aunt’s car. When Bonnie delivers the news Annalise snaps, “Always bringing me problems, never solutions.” God forgives, Annalise don’t.

Wes elects himself to press Katherine. Everyone objects but Annalise agrees. Before she goes she let’s them know she better not see Michaela and Connor in the trial courtroom again. Wes works his magic and Katherine folds. Kaleb admits he was gone for 30 minutes on a run but he swears someone is framing them. Back on the stand the DA antagonizes Annalise some more. Annalise reads her for filth. Remind them why you won an Emmy, Viola! Unfortunately, this won’t help her in the long run. “That’s quite a temper, Mrs. Keating. Seems like you’re more than capable of murder.” Finally Annalise implicates Nate when asked who she thinks killed her husband. In her defense, she was backed into a corner. What would you do?

Nate reminds Eve she works for him. He refuses to lie and say he had a fight with Sam the night he was killed. Eve pins the murder on Annalise to get Nate off, but she hits below the belt spilling personal tea. Annalise sits in silence without defending herself.

Oliver finds out his boyfriend told the whole crew about his HIV status. He’s livid. While they’re discussing whether or not it can be traced that Frank planted Nate’s fingertips to frame Nate, Michaela figures out that someone planted Kaleb’s fingerprints in his aunt’s car. Oliver hacks into the Philadelphia police department system to find that two reports were done and one was deleted. The first one had no fingertips while the second one conducted six hours later has Kaleb’s fingerprints in the car. Bonnie tearfully brings the good news to Annalise while Annalise is getting drunk to drown the sorrows of her day. Bonnie snaps on Annalise for not allowing her to handle things on her own. Bonnie tells Annalise she’ll never forget how Annalise saved her. Annalise reminds Bonnie she didn’t save her that she ruined her. Through drunkenness Annalise says she is better off locked up to keep Bonnie and the others safe.

Her clients are released after the new evidence is submitted. In another courtroom, the judge decides the DA is a rookie who needs to step her game up. Since she couldn’t tell whether or not it was Annalise or Nate on trial, Nate is freed. Nate walks out of the courtroom without so much as a glance at Annalise. Eve apologizes to her ex-girlfriend for what happened in court, but Annalise tries not to deal with it. Eve forces her to. Annalise is furious at Eve for making it personal on the stand. Eve admits she did it to hurt Annalise but because she’s still in love with her. “I hate how you make me feel because I can’t have you,” Eve says. Annalise tells her things were good with her that’s why she ran away with Sam. The two make love one more time before Eve heads home. Eve asks Annalise to consider moving with her to NYC.

Mikaela goes out with the weird dude from court, Levi. Something tells us he’s Eggs 911, and if he isn’t he’s certainly trouble. Asher meets with the DA to tell her he won’t have to be his mole anymore now that the trial is over. Unlucky for him, she’s the new prosecutor. Fast-forward to two months again, not only do the students leave Annalise to die after being shot, the prosecutor has been killed too. Who will make it out alive?


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