If you watched the latest How To Get Away with Murder, you know that those aren’t Rebecca’s fingernail marks on Lila’s neck.

You probably also know that Rebecca’s behavior was about as charming as fingernails gouging one of Annalise’s chalkboards.


And this gem:


Rebecca (Katie Findlay, The Killing) was so grating that even Annalise had to put her in check. When she pretended to confess to murdering Lila, everyone’s favorite lady lawyer let her have it with both barrels. 

“You slut, white trash, killer,” Annalise yelled, black momma style. “You made Griffin strangle that girl on the roof. You liked watching her die because that’s the piece of garbage you are. That’s what everyone in the world is going to say about you. 

“You don’t care? Neither do I?”

But Rebecca cared. She cared so much that she killed Sam – possibly. Not only was this new flashback revealing but it made Rebecca even less likable as Sam did little things like rub Annalise’s overworked shoulders and bring her cocktails at her desk.


With a few exceptions, there was little to like about Rebecca this week. Even Wes got mad at her. And when the pair finally hooked up for a steamy make-up sex sex scene – Yay! Connor isn’t  the only one getting some action this episode – the flesh-on-flesh session was contrasted with Lila’s gruesome second autopsy. 

Ewww! Talk about a buzz kill. Wow. We really are supposed to be repulsed by Rebecca, huh? Thankfully, Laurel and Frank got us back in the mood for love later on the show.

Yup, it seemed like Rebecca was the worst person on the HTGAWM. That is until the last minute of the drama when it was discovered that Lila was pregnant when she was killed and, more likely than not judging from next week’s preview, Sam is the daddy. 

Oh. So, he’s the most hated. Got it.

You know who is not hated? Annalise. Week after week Oscar-nominated star Viola Davis makes viewers love them some Annalise. She did so again on this episode with flawless one-liners and quips such as “Prayers are for the weak. I’ll stick to beating your ass in court.”

Beyond her lines, Annalise is proving to be as vulnerable as she is tough as a survivor of multiple miscarriages and a woman with an unyielding desire to prove her cheating husband’s innocence. 

And while she was able to have Frank plant that dead girl’s phone in Griffin’s car and even have Rebecca break her gag order to block the prosecution’s side plea deal, trying to hide the fact that Lila might’ve been pregnant by Sam is a Herculean effort not even Annalise can pull off. Right?

What did you think of the latest How To Get Away with Murder