When Annalise rallies the Keating Five around her death-row appeal case, she quips in a well-placed voiceover: “I learned the justice system doesn’t always reward those who tell the truth, but those who have the power to create their own,” we didn’t think she’d be creating her own truth to protect herself. By having Frank plant the dead girl’s phone (albeit now cleaned of any incriminating photos) in the football player’s car, Annalise risks everything to keep her man from becoming a suspect. She better hope her ex-sidepiece, who’s busy snooping for the real truth, doesn’t want revenge for losing his job.

Since we’re talking about truth, it was nice to see that Asher has some moral fiber. Aside from his preference of twerking to turn up, he had the stones to confront his father about sending an innocent man to prison. Sure, he didn’t throw his judge daddy under the courthouse (would you?). Instead he demanded he get the trophy for his efforts in setting a man free. Well played, Asher.

Even though Annalise had a momentary lapse of work confidence, whispering “come on, girl,” when her key witness turned up dead, she shook herself free of her doubts, pulled it together and won her appeal. Twitter questioned how she delivered those accusations without being held in contempt because she went iiiiinnnn on Senator Truco—calling him nothing short of a murderer and a racist on the stand. That poor judge’s gravel couldn’t stop her wrath. Michaela wasn’t the only one who wanted to be more like Annalise. We all did.

Is it me, or did Bonnie seem fed up with everyone’s mess tonight? From protecting Frank from Laurel’s on-again, off-again flirtations to turning her back on guilty Sam, I sensed Bonnie’s annoyed with everyone in the house. Could this be why she ended up in bed with Asher?

But speaking of beds and bedrooms and showers, we see you, Wes. We see you.


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