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How To Get Away With Murder Recap: 'Best Christmas Ever'

Homicide is such an unattractive and messy affair and things are definitely getting ugly on How To Get Away with Murder.
How To Get Away With Murder Recap: ‘Best Christmas Ever’
Homicide is such an unattractive and messy affair and things are definitely getting ugly on How To Get Away with Murder. Thursday’s episode, “Best Christmas Ever,” opened with Annalise drinking herself into a teary stupor as Sam’s murder replayed over and over in her mind. Turns out everyone’s favorite power lawyer told Bonnie and company she was going home to spend time with her mother over the holidays. But in actuality, she was in a hotel drowning her sorrows in vodka. Of course, this makes us wonder what the deal is with Annalise’s mom. Is she still alive? Does she have issues with alcohol, too? If we’re lucky, the writers will let us know. For now, all we can assume is that Annalise is not the familial type. That’s exactly what Hannah, Sam’s sister, implied when she confronted Annalise upon her return. Hannah wants answers about Sam and she’s not going to stop until she gets them. And can we just say what a treat it is to see Marcia Gay Harden on HTGAWM as Viola Davis’ most formidable sparring partner? Every scene they shared was intense and we know that as the show revs up toward the season-one finale Feb. 26, the exchanges between these two will only get more thrilling. Now, if there were only a way to get Annalise, Hannah and Lynn Whitfield, aka Aiden’s mama, in a scene together. #WonderWomen But we digress. Annalise isn’t the only one coming to grips with Sam’s bloody death. Wes is having nightmares and Rebecca is ready to move on. Instead of enjoying a lovey dovey existence now that Rebecca is free, Wes is finding new things to obsess over including what happened to Rudy. In case you missed it, Rudy is the dude who used to live in Wes’ apartment. Such an obsession can only mean that Wes doesn’t fully trust Rebecca. She’s hiding something and he knows it. And the fact that Rebecca was quick to take the money from Rudy’s grandmother’s holiday card to spend on beer, only makes Wes trust her less. Speaking of trust, Annalise had a hard time fully trusting her new client – a woman who came to her about her husband and the two women he was holding captive in the couple’s basement. Initially, Annalise wrote the woman off as a sycophant or a voyeur but once she heard her story, she was ready to take her case. Annalise’s students on the other hand? Not so much. But Annalise quickly let the five know she was taking the case and they had no right to judge. “What? Have none of you ever done anything bad that you needed a lawyer for?” Touche, Annalise. Touche. The scene that was almost as impressive as Annalise’s alpha boss speech was when Laurel put her mother in her place over the holidays. Not only did Laurel chin check her mommy for not really caring about her life as a law student, but she puffed up her chest and started bickering with her dad in Spanish at the dinner table. That was beautiful. Take that Laurel haters. This chick has cojones. Oh, and the murder hasn’t made her feel guilty or crazy. It’s made her stronger. Frank also seems bolder and more empowered. He got rid of Connor’s car, gave Bonnie the evil eye when Hannah was grilling her so Bonnie wouldn’t say anything, had someone call the police with a Sam sighting, and even offered to get rid of Hannah for Annalise. Ahh. Who couldn’t use a Frank in their lives? Am I right, ladies? We could also use a little of Nate’s pillow talk and naked chest in our lives. Ooh, Billy Brown. You can keep taking off your shirt. We are picking up the heat you are sending out and it is alright, alright, alright. You know who we don’t need in our lives? Asher. This dude is usually funny but in this week’s episode his jaded lover act was too much. Sure, Bonnie is robotic but dang dude. She hit it and quit it. Move on and consider yourself lucky. Don’t pout and threaten to file a sexual harassment suit. Weak sauce. But Asher wasn’t the most needy and annoying. Michaela ran up on a dude her fiancé was talking to and asked him if he was banging her man. Then she made a scene at the New Year’s Eve party begging Aiden not to call off their engagement. Yikes! Meanwhile, Connor is still pretending to be on drugs with Oliver and begging him to let him stay over. OK. Colliver is cute and Connor’s ever evolving feelings for Oliver and The Thorn Birds wasn’t too bad but still. Get it together, Connor. You’re cracking! Thankfully, Annalise isn’t cracking too much. Sure, her drinking binge was frightening but she still had the presence of mind to save a 4-year-old’s life, dump a certifiably insane client, and keep Hannah off her back for a while. Of course, that’s all going to come crashing down when Hannah learns that they’ve found Sam’s remains but hey, that baked chicken looked yummy. What did you think of the latest HTGAWM? Weigh in below: