‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Finale Recap: ‘The Night Lila Died’
Mitchell Haaseth/ABC
The season-one finale of How To Get Away with Murder had us pacing the floor with a bottle of vodka, Annalise Keating style. That’s because there were two parts and too many things going on for us to wrap our heads around in one sitting. For serious. Raise your hand if you kept rewinding for clues and clarity. Well, everything didn’t require explaining. For instance, there is no doubt that Frank killed Lila and he did so because Sam ordered him to do so. But why did Frank owe Sam and what kind of debt would convince him to kill a woman he didn’t even know? Cliffhanger. Next up, who the hell killed Rebecca and why did Annalise act like Rebecca ran away? Sure, Rebecca was an annoying character but did she deserve to die? After all, we know that Rebecca didn’t kill Lila. Her worst crimes were being obnoxious, dressing horribly, sleeping with Lila’s boyfriend to prove a point and giving Rudy a bad dose. Does that spell murder? Well, it does if you’re on this show. And who is “Eggs 911”? Is that who killed her? Cliffhanger. Swigs vodka. Some fans thought bribery would have been the better bet: Others begged for and celebrated her death: But Rebecca’s murder didn’t give us closure. It just created a new set of questions we need answers for – lots and lots of answers. Nate is getting a new lawyer and he might beat the case? Wait. The prosecutor is making Asher snitch. What is he going to say? Wait. Frank killed Lila but does Annalise know? And if Frank and Annalise didn’t kill Rebecca does that mean Bonnie did? Wait. Cliffhanger. Wait. Thankfully we are not alone in our agony. AND this: And this: Sure there were other things that happened in the finale, “The Night Lila Died/ It’s All My Fault.” Let’s see there was a priest who killed another priest, Bonnie and Asher are a couple now, Michaela got ghetto with her ex-mother-in-law to be and Laurel had Michaela’s ring all along. Oh, and Oliver and Conner may never live happily ever after because Oliver is HIV positive. That was a real bummer. Aside from that, this was all about mentally torturing fans by revealing who killed Lila only to create more questions about who killed Rebecca. Oh, Shondaland. You make us so crazy … and we love it. Can’t wait to see what happens when HTGAWM returns in the fall. What did you think of the finale and do you have murderous insights we might’ve missed? Weigh in below.


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