The Highest-Grossing Black Films in History
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

It’s only been a six months and already Jordan Peele’s thriller, Get Out has grossed $175 million in box office sales.

Unique for the horror film genre and unprecedented for a Black writer/director, its numbers have gone far beyond expectations. Get Out draws inspiration from The Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby chronicling a weekend trip taken by an interracial couple that goes far left, exposing a sinister system at work.

“Part of being black in this country, or being a minority in this country, is about feeling like we’re perceiving things that we’re told we’re not perceiving,” Peele told the Los Angeles Times about the film. “It’s a state of mind. It’s a piece of the condition of being African American, certainly, that people may not know. They may not realize the toll that it does take — even if the toll is making us doubt ourselves.”

To say the film is good, is an understatement. Get Out draws from unmasked historical truths that expose a country seeded in racism. But Peele’s hit isn’t the first film to blow up in box offices, showcasing the talent of Black Hollywood— check out the top five best-selling Black films in history.