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The NBA player gave his mom the keys to a six-bedroom home in North Carolina.

Sydney Scott
Jun, 02, 2017

It’s just about everyone on the planet's wish to get enough money to take care of their family. So it’s not too shocking, when celebs finally make it, they drop a little dough on mom and dad. 

Miami Heat’s Hassan Whiteside did just that by surprising his mom with a six-bedroom home in North Carolina.

According to TMZ, the North Carolina-native set up an elaborate plan to surprise his mom with the keys to her new home, tricking her into believing they were just touring the property. 

Whiteside recently signed a $98 million 4-year deal with the Heat, so mom will probably have a number of lavish gifts sent her way. The look on his mom’s face is priceless and the little dance she does is adorable. Also, shout out to whoever landed that flip.

Congrats, Hassan on that 4-year deal and being son of the year.