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We got a good for you tonight. This is going to be a humdinger. It's my wife Marjorie, and the Harvey boys team. [APPLAUSE] Come on. And it's playing against my mother in law, I call her mama, mommy on the Harvey girls team. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Let's get it on! Let's play everybody, let's play Feud! [APPLAUSE] Give me Marjorie. Give me Doris. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Alright ladies, top seven answers on the board. Here we go. We asked 100 married women. Some days I I'd be willing to trade my man for a really good what? [NOISE] Pool boy. [LAUGH] You what? I'm sorry. [LAUGH] What did you just say? [LAUGH] No right here. I was just playing. [LAUGH] Yeah but what did you say though? [LAUGH] Pool boy. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm just kidding. Get your hand off here. Trade me in for no damn pool boy. I'm sorry. [LAUGH]

Viewers are going to be in for quite a surprise as an upcoming episode of Celebrity Family Feud will feature host Steve Harvey’s family. 

The Harvey women will face off against the Harvey men in a special episode. The ladies will be led by Doris Bridges, Marjorie Harvey’s mother, while the boys will be led by Marjorie. The teams are made up of Harvey’s daughters, sons, and son-in-laws, playing for Spelman and Morehouse College. 

In this ESSENCE sneak peek, Mrs. Harvey faces her mother in a hilarious round about what married women are willing to trade their husbands for. Marjorie’s answer? The pool boy.


The episode will also feature Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s family playing for the Skyhook Foundation against Ralph Sampson, who’s playing on behalf of The University of Virginia Health Foundation.

It’s sure to be an exciting episode, especially with the entire Harvey family involved. 

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