Hacker demands ransom for stolen season of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

This story originally appeared on EW.

A hacker claiming to have stolen the upcoming fifth season of Netflix’s popular prison drama Orange Is the New Black is demanding the streaming service pay an undisclosed ransom or the episodes will be prematurely released online.

Netflix said in a statement to EW that the company is “aware of the situation” and added, “A production vendor used by several major TV studios had its security compromised and the appropriate law enforcement authorities are involved.”

Going by the alias The Dark Overlord, the hacker purports to have uploaded the first episode of OITNB‘s fifth season to multiple file-sharing websites and to have stolen unspecified titles from other companies as well.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI is participating in the investigation.

Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black is set for release June 9.