Can You Guess The Holiday Movie Hunk?

Feel-good holiday movies have given the world some serious eye candy over the years. From The Best Man Holiday to Almost Chistmas, these fellas sure made us merry. But, how well do you know them? Let's see.

Lauren Porter Nov, 21, 2016

1 of 26 Michael Gibson

Clue: He is a football hero, a family man and every woman's favorite.

2 of 26 Universal Pictures

We're still fanning ourselves over Morris Chestnut in "The Best Man Holiday." Lance Sullivan is a man we'd love to get caught under the mistletoe with! 

3 of 26 ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

Clue: He was no dud in the movie, he was definitely a stud!

4 of 26 ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

If Denzel Washington showed up as an angel to save the day in our lives like he did in the The Preacher's Wife, we'd still be thanking Santa. 

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Ladies really really love this hunk. 

6 of 26 Paramount PIctures

Oh LL, if it were our Last Holiday, you're the only man we'd want to spend it with! 

7 of 26 ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

He was a musician on the move in the movie who couldn't even sit still for the holidays.

8 of 26 Universal Pictures

Idris Elba with a bad boy edge in This Christmas? Thank you Santa!! 

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He's the baby of the family who is still trying to get it together!

10 of 26 Universal Pictures

There would be no remorse from us if we had to survive Christmas with Jessie T. Usher by our side. Swoon!

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Candy had him weak in the knees in this movie!

12 of 26 Universal Pictures

Murch is still in love with Candy and if that isn't sweet, we don't know what is! 

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He's the good guy who got away in Almost Christmas!

14 of 26 Universal Pictures

The Love & Basketball star's birthday is July 20.

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He was totally a finessing bad boy who we couldn't help but love. 

16 of 26 Universal Pictures

Terrence Howard played nothing but games in The Best Man Holiday but we're here for all of it!

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He was a two-timing loser who learned a very important lesson in the end!

18 of 26 Rainforest Films

We might have been naughty in This Christmas but you've got to admit, Laz Alonso is pretty nice to look at in the meantime!

19 of 26 AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

We'll always love that this guy gave out endearing forehead kisses.

20 of 26 AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

We're still dying for a moment with Harper Stewart--we mean, Taye Diggs!

21 of 26 AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

He was the baby boy with so much talent!

22 of 26 © AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Chris Brown and a classic Christmas carol? Sign us up for a sing-a-long anytime!

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He was the politician who made family the priority by the end of the film. 

24 of 26 Universal Pictures

It's Almost Christmas when Romany Malco is around and we'd love a holiday moment with him! 

25 of 26 ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

He was the "it" guy in high school who came back in your life at the right time. 

26 of 26 Universal Pictures

This Christmas, we need Mekhi Phifer to come around simply because he's good for the soul!