‘Greenleaf’ Ending After Fifth Season

OWN announced earlier this week that the Greenleafs will be stepping down from the pulpit for good this year. The upcoming fifth season of the church-centered drama will be its last. 

In a brand-new trailer for Greenleaf, the family is working hard to stand together in the face of their many enemies. Bishop continues to repair his issues with Lady Mae, who is more devout than ever after seeing her family struggle with its secrets. 

Grace stands at her son AJ’s side and Charity returns to the fold after being double-crossed by the man to whom she gave her heart. Karissa supports Jacob to ensure their children’s security while Zora and Sophia decide if blood really is thicker than water. 

But their newfound family unity stands in the shadow of Harmony and Hope’s threats to cast them out of the church they built. The Bible-slinging conglomerate is clutching tight to its hold on Calvary. 

Fighting off its hold on the board will take more than standing together, it will take an actual miracle. See them pray for one below in the brand-new trailer.

The fifth and final season of OWN’s Greenleaf will debut in June.


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