Queen Latifah's Edges Were The Envy Of The 'Girls Trip' Cast

The cast of the upcoming film spill on the camaraderie on set and Latifah's flawless edges.

Sydney Scott Jul, 17, 2017

Girls Trip is set to be 2017’s breakout comedy and ESSENCE was fortunate enough to speak with the cast about the upcoming film.

Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Tiffany Haddish sat down with host Gia Peppers to talk about their camaraderie on set and the thing that nearly ripped everyone apart — Queen Latifah’s flawless edges.  

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[SOUND] Queen and Jada, you guys have been friends for a while, long time. What is it like working with someone you've known so long? Do you guys finish each other's sentences? Can you do that, is it that- It's just easy. It's very easy, it's easy. It's just laid back. You know. It's real chill, and we have each other's back. Yep.>> So you already know that, and you know, we just have each other's backs for sure. Period. On anything and everything. And I didn't know Regina, and I Didn't know Tiff, so then. But I knew them. Well i knew off. [LAUGH] You know, I mean like, know. Right. So then to be able to work with them and have such a beautiful camaraderie, Yeah. I got my girl, Yep. And I made Made two new friends. [CROSSTALK] You know. You guys really are like a family, like a sisterhood now. And I really see it. I really don't want no problems. There was one problem on the set. And I'm not going to lie. It was her edges. What happened with her edges? Well, I was struggling with mine. Mine were broken. I had worn a lot of weaves. It was very thin and see-through. We could see her thoughts. Yes, yes, yes. So she knew I was mad. Before I said it, so I was like, there's no point in lying. [LAUGH] And, everyday she broke her edges. And this one's got great hair too. Yes. Mm-hm. So, Tiffany was growing hers in. You were doing well. We was growing our edges back. Black castor oil and stuff. We was like, you know, But, she was really the target of the edge envy. Yes. Because even I have a bit of edge envy with her. How did you feel getting out of that? Sometimes, she did like this to me. Well, you know, I've always had the They fight through to break through since I was a young child and so She get it from her daddy. Her daddy get edges. Actually he does. My dad gave my my edges. you've got to work with that. Get that it away from my edges. Thanks, thank you so much.