Take A Few Notes Ladies: The Cast Of 'Girls Trip' Shares Hilarious Pick-Up Line Tips

Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish drop dating nuggets and advice about the best pick-up lines and techniques.

Sydney Scott Jul, 18, 2017
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Vacation, obviously, is the perfect time to kind of like meet people, go one offing one night. Talk about, if you could, your pick-up lines for a guy that you like, or a person that you like. No, no, no. [cross talk] First of all Let the OG school the young girls out here. Please, I'm ready. Okay, you don't need no pickup line, boo. Drops mic. Let me tell you something about mens. Mens like Do you understand? Don't steal that, baby. You sit there and look pretty and you wait. So just sit like this. You are the prize. That's right, to be preyed upon. [CROSSTALK] I be like help. To be respectfully ravaged. Help. Hep me. I can't lift this cup up. [LAUGH] That's right. The straw I can't find it. [LAUGH] Yes, no. I don't need no pick up line. That a [INAUDIBLE] way to do things. No [INAUDIBLE] is funny, I don't know if you all have [INAUDIBLE], but she's [INAUDIBLE], [INAUDIBLE] I like that. [LAUGH] But I was gonna share one that works every time, for me. Which is, damn daddy, what's your credit score? [LAUGH] Cuz you look like you ready to move into a house. Wow. Okay. That's impressive [APPLAUSE]. I like that one. And just a stare like that. Yes. And you get good and pertinent information. [LAUGH] Cuz you know, right off the bat Who you're dealing with. [CROSSTALK] Yes Mia. If the score's too low you close your legs. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]. And if the score's pretty high you lean in. For real. [CROSSTALK] That's good. I've learned so much, yeah, I appreciate that. [MUSIC]