Gennean Scott, The Broadway League’s first-ever Director of Equity Diversity and Inclusion, says there are some big changes coming along during Broadway’s big comeback season. 

“Broadway will not look the same,” she asserted on this week’s episode of Variety’s Stagecraft Podcast

“I like to think that we are moving in the right direction and creating a space for people who look like me,” she said, noting that there are seven new Broadway productions written by people of color this season. 

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“I would also say that there’s room for improvement across all areas of the industry, and that’s why I’m here.”

Scott was brought on by the Broadway League as Director of EDI last May after an extensive nationwide search for a professional to fill the new role conducted by Arts Consulting Group. She comes to New York fresh from a 7-year stint as VP of human capital and inclusion at Omaha Performing Arts, where she worked to diversify the local performing arts space.

Much like she did in Omaha, Scott plans to listen to the arts community, particularly that of color, to identify and effectively meet needs. 

“It’s not about…telling a community what they need and what we can give them. It’s about listening to that community and having them tell us,” she said. “It’s flipping it and putting it on its side and having the community inform us.”