In ESSENCE’s Game of Thrones Group Chat, Assistant Entertainment Editor Sydney Scott and Supervising Producer Sean Wellington break down each episode of the final season of HBO’s hit fantasy drama. 

When episode three “The Long Night” begins, Winterfell is ready to fight the Night Walkers in the longest and darkest battle of thier lives.

Sydney: I’m sooooo nervous.

Sean: OD nervous. OK! Let’s do death predictions before it starts: Jorah Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Lyanna Mormont (That’s gonna be a tough one.)

Sydney: Theon and Lyanna absolutely! Jorah might make it one more episode just to do something heroic for Dany. This is a movie length episode. Sh-t is really about to go down.

Sean: I can’t see anything which makes everything terrifying.

Sydney: It’s too dark. They are all about to get washed. Melisandre!!!!!!!

Sean: That was bad a-s.

Just as the fight begins, Melisandre or The  Red Priestess lights up the swords of the Dothraki soldiers, who are first in line. It’s no secret by now that fire helps kill the Night Walkers.

Sydney: It’s not gonna help though. I think. Like, they’re still dead.

Sean: It’s the same prayer Beric Dondarion used. Dothrakis with flaming swords help the odds.

Sydney: Omfgggggggggggg. Everyone is dead. EVERYONE.

Sean: Holy shit are the Dothraki wights now?!?!

Sydney: Absolutely. Grey Worm is dead. BRIENNE IS A G. STAND YOUR GROUND.

Sydney: Edd???!

Sean: Damn.

Edd is one of the first beloved characters to die in battle, trying to save Samwell Tarley.

Sydney: This is not going well.

Sean: They still have their plan to light the trench.

Sydney: They gotta light that sh-t now because…They can’t light the trenches!!

Sean: Where’s Beric and Melissandra!?!

Sydney: Melisandre is redeemed!

Sean: What now?

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Sydney: The trench isn’t going to stay lit though. The night king has an ice dragon. This is the calm before the real storm. Bran is so f-cking annoying. LOL! “I’m going to go now.” They’re creating a bridge through the fire????! B-tch wut?! The Hound is just hiding?! Dude!

Sean: Arya is fighting for her home as much as her life. The Hound is always freaking out when the going gets tough, just like Black Water.

Sydney: It’s a wrap for her home though. Winterfell is toast. Lady Mormont!! NOOOOO!

Sean: What a Zombie Giant? She went out like a G.

In one of the greatest deaths of the series, Lady Mormont slayed the giant before dying herself. Rest in peace, little gangsta. Meanwhile, Daenerys and Jon both fight The Night King who is perched on a dragon.

Sydney: LOL! Dany really thought her lil dragon flames were gonna do something!
Not today girl.

Sean: Get him Jon!

Finally, The Night King finds Bran — the keeper of all man’s secrets — and the person he truly wants to kill. But Theon is protecting him at all costs, until…

Sydney: Theon is done. Damn. Bran really let Theon run at the Night King like a fool.

Sean: What is dead may never die! LOL! Is Jon about to slay a dragon?!


Sean: This is why Bran gave her the dagger!

After so many seasons, Arya Stark is the person who killed The Night King with a dagger to the body. Once he shattered, so did the rest of The Dead.

Sydney: That whole battle was so tense

Sean: For real.


Sydney: But now that that’s over, it’s time to take this sh-t to King’s Landing.

Sean: But how much of them are even left!?All of the Dothraki and most of the Unsullied are gone.

Sydney: Not many, but I have a feeling someone will double cross Cersei. Probably the army she paid for…

Sean: Also where is Ghost LOL? Is it weird that I don’t want another battle; just make peace with Cersei at this point.

Sydney: I don’t think it will be a big, major battle. I think she’ll be killed before anything really pops off but I don’t know.

Sean: She does have a whole fresh army. No elephants though. Last thing I’ll say is I was right with all my death predictions.

Sydney: True true, but that means the remaining deaths will be that much harder to deal with.

HBO’s Game of Thrones returns next Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.