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Fright Night: 25 Spooky Movies to Watch on Halloween

Whether you're curling up with your boo or looking for a solo scare, these flicks featuring Black casts are sure to stir up a scream or two.
By Rivea Ruff · October 23, 2021

Looking for a horror movie to watch this upcoming All Hallow’s Eve but not quite sure where to begin? Have no fear…well, at least not over what film to watch.

Frightened black girlfriends watching horror together at home, eating popcorn. Scared african american women sitting on sofa, hiding behind pillow and covering mouth with palm, watching movie

We’ve got you covered with 25 of the creepiest and freakiest Halloween flicks featuring Black casts and creators. From box-office blockbusters to lesser-known indies, from older scary classics to modern Horror Noire, there is sure to be something to satiate your search for spooks and scares in at least one of the movies on our list of screamers.

Check out the list below…if you dare!

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