First Look: ‘The Kings Of Napa’ Brings High Drama To Wine Country On OWN

The Kings Of Napa, a family drama about the scandalous secrets nestled into the Napa Valley is coming to OWN in the new year.

The family, led by Reginald King, owns one of the most prestigious vineyards in the area and King’s children and members of the extended family are responsible for taking the business to the next level. Each sibling believes their place in the succession of the company is firmly settled but when a few bombshells are unfurled their standing in his legacy shifts. 


Forced to figure out where they stand in the family pecking order, the siblings, a cousin, and a rogue auntie or two fight to prove they are worthy of their royal name. 

The trailer features the impeccably cast leading actors, including Ebonée Noe as August King, Rance Nix as Dana King, Ashlee Brian as Christian King, Karen LeBlanc as Vanessa King, Devika Parikh as Melanie Pierce, and Yaani King Mondschein as Bridgette Pierce grasping for their piece of the empire’s bounty. 


Throughout the series, they hold secret meetings, uncover unsettling documents, and form unexpected alliances on their journey to the top of the throne. The paranoia around their positions causes them to turn their backs on one another and in one clip the eldest son demands that someone dig up dirt on his beloved baby sis. 


Like other new series such as Run The World and Our Kind Of People, The Kings Of Napa considers the setting and cast wardrobe to be primary characters. In the first trailer clip, we see characters leading board meetings in couture and preparing to crush one another in tailored suits in between glimpses of fruitful grapes and picturesque hillsides. 

The Kings of Napa will premiere on OWN at 8 p.m. EST on January 11. Get your first look at the King family and their endless drama below. 


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