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FAMU's Marching Band Just Remixed This SZA Hit

Ahead of homecoming season the band took a slow R&B song and made it a football jam. 
FAMU’s Marching Band Just Remixed This SZA Hit 

As the beginning of the school year approaches, college bands are showing off their skills after an entire summer of learning new music. One of those schools in Florida A&M University, whose famous marching band remixed SZA‘s “The Weekend” at a recent practice. 

The band played the slow jam during their Aug 26 game against Texas Southern. 

Written by SZA and Cody Fayne, the song reminiscent of a 90’s R&B ballad, sample’s Justin Timberlake’s 2006 hit “Until the End of Time.” It is the most controversial song on the SZA’s album CTRL because it delves into sharing one man with another woman.

Either way, the song is the jam, and we look forward to seeing more HBCU‘s remix popular music this school year. 

SZA is currently on her CTRL tour, tickets can be found here