6 Things To Know About The ‘Married At First Sight’ Couple Twitter Is Rooting For, Nate And Sheila
Larry Remiker/ Lifetime

In case you haven’t noticed, on Thursday nights, your feed is flooded with chatter about the latest season of Married At First Sight and what will happen next for Nate and Sheila Duhon.

They are the third Black couple to be featured on the show since it debuted in July 2014. 

On the show, a group of experts pair two singles (and strangers) at the altar then chronicles six weeks of their life together after “I do”. (After the show, each person gets to decide whether they want to stay married or get a divorce.) But we digress. Back to our obsession with Nate and Sheila. There seems to be some serious potential for fifth season’s only Black couple, Nate and Sheila.

Here’s everything you should know about the couple and why the Internet is so into them.

1.  They Were Matched By Experts Because Of Their Faith:

Pastor Calvin Roberson, who is one of the experts on the show who helped curate the social experiment, has repeatedly stated how their “strong faith” is a key part of their foundation. “I am capable of loving someone the way GOD intended,” Sheila said during the show about her quest to find the right companion.

2. Nate’s Mother Does Not Support Her Son Being On The Show:

From the moment  Nate told his mother that the experts on the MAFS found a match for him, she wasn’t supportive of the idea. Nate’s mother, who believes in a more traditional form of marriage, said two weeks before their wedding, “God is the best matchmaker… marriage is not a joke.”

3. Sheila Is Five Years Older Than Nate:

At the time of their marriage, Nate was 25 while Sheila was 30. Throughout various episodes, she has expressed her concerns around marrying a younger man and whether or not his maturity level truly matches hers.

4. Their Relationship Has The Internet Buzzing:

5.  Nate’s Brother Moved In With The Couple:

Despite Nate’s fear of telling his new wife that his younger brother would be moving in with them, Sheila was very accepting of her new brother-in-law. Once the show began airing, Tyrique Duhon started sharing his experience on social media.

6. Nate’s Vows To Sheila On Their Wedding Day Will Make You Cry:

While offering his wedding vows to his new wife Sheila, Nate ditched his original spiel and instead offered an emotional testament about his lifetime dedication to her. During show interviews, he said he has always had high hopes to find “that union with someone for a lifetime.” 

Only time will tell if the Duhons will decide to stay married or get a divorce by the end of the experiment but fans can tune in to Married At First Sight on Thursdays on at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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