ESSENCE Poll: What Was Your Favorite Moment from ‘Scandal’?

[Warning: This poll contains spoilers from last night’s episode of Scandal.]

Olivia Pope and the gang returned from winter break last night, and, as usual, the Twittershpere was abuzz as the episode revealed one shocking turn after another. President Fitzgerald Grant woke up from his coma and guess who he wanted to speak to first? Yup, Olivia Pope! Truly Scandal-ous. Olivia also manages to help free Huck from the CIA, explaining he knows how to get them to the real assassin, aka his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Mellie Grant confesses to forging Fitz’s signature to keep his presidency intact, a move Olivia reminds us is a federal crime and an act treason. Olivia’s boyfriend Edison Davis confronts her about a letter he’s received that says her “friend” the president is awake again. He warns Olivia there will be legal circumstances if she’s part of a conspiracy surrounding the president’s attempted assassination and fake signature. She brushes him—and clearly the relationship—off. Are they finally over? We’ll have to wait and see.

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What was your favorite moment from last night?

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