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'Empire' Recap: 'Unto The Breach'

Boo Boo Kitty betrays, Andre breaks down and Billy Beretti is up to no good in this week's episode of "Empire."
‘Empire’ Recap: ‘Unto The Breach’

Lucious is right.

When a family is in crisis, they put their differences aside and come together. And that’s exactly what the Lyons did. They came together to save the company when Creedmoor Records and Billy Beretti tried to steal their top-tier artists on Wednesday’s episode of Empire titled “Unto the Breach.”

But see, Anika is not family. Although the show opened with Lucious and Anika planning their wedding and talking about love and doves, things quickly unraveled when Cookie stormed in and exposed Anika for the traitor that she is.

Dear Boo boo kitty, How you gon win when you ain’t right within?! #EmpireFOX @EmpireFOX pic.twitter.com/9gUWWljJna

— Petty LaBelle (@HoSitDown) March 5, 2015


After that, insults and designer “debutant” clothes were flying everywhere and Porsha even took Boo Boo Kitty’s phone. But none of this compared to Lucious’ death threat. Yes. The man threatened to kill her. Whoa.


But Boo Boo Kitty still hopped in Beretti’s car and just like that, war was declared and V. Bozeman went to Creedmoor. Oh no! Of course she sounded great singing “Black and Blue,” but still.



Anika didn’t get to enjoy her victory for long because Beretti was trying to get all up in her spaghetti, if you know what we mean. Seriously, she’s beautiful. How did she not see that creepy-hand-on-the-knee action coming?


I ain’t trusted Baretti since he was trying take down the CMB… #EmpireFOX pic.twitter.com/4c91bjeDw4

— C. Hudson (@RHOyalCourt) March 5, 2015

She really thought Beretti wanted her for music? lord she’s so naive #EmpireFox

— Mary Jane Taylor (@CeeReeSpeaks) March 5, 2015

Meanwhile, Jamal, Hakeem and Cookie worked the phones trying to retain every recording artist they could while Lucious and Beretti played who has the bigger gun and ego. As for Andre, he proved to be more of a liability than an asset as he replayed what his dad said in his mind and flushed his meds down the toilet. While some on Twitter found humor in his actions, others saw it for the harbinger of pain and confusion it was.


“He poured those pills like drip, drop, drip, drippity, drop!” #EmpireFOX pic.twitter.com/Qey5VAl8qA

— ᴮᴬᴰᴳᴬᴸ (@TrapNena) March 5, 2015

It was a manic rollercoaster that escalated with Dre withdrawing copious amounts of slush-fund money from the bank, talking fast and loose with an artist that was about to jump ship, and buying a Lamborghini.


Someone call down to Walgreens and get Andre’s pills, please!!! #EmpireFOX #Empire pic.twitter.com/VSEAXH21t1

— Sailor Snorlax (@shizbgby) March 5, 2015

But the scene where he lost it and had a nervous breakdown in the elevator was easily one of the saddest things to ever happen on Empire. Thankfully, Jamal knew what song to sing to soothe Andre’s frantic mind – “Lean On Me.”


And the Emmy goes to Andre/ @JustTrai for his portrayal of mental illness. That man can act! #EmpireFox

— Monica F. Cox (@monicafcox) March 5, 2015

Brilliant episode @JustTrai & @EmpireWriters! As someone w/ a relative w/ a mental illness thank you for addressing this. #Empire #EmpireFox

— Bougie Black Girl (@BougieBlackGurl) March 5, 2015

Sadly, the music could only do so much and when Andre’s mental illness got the better of him, he had to be sedated and committed. Of course, Andre’s wife had to sign the papers because, as we learned from the preview for next week’s episode, Lucious doesn’t believe in mental illness either. Eye roll.


He don’t want nobody to be gay, have mental illness, date a white girl, date an old girl

— Lorde Amiker (@Eazy_WeezyIV) March 5, 2015

Speaking of issues Lucious refuses to accept, dude is still mad that Jamal came out at the white party. Really Lucious? Thankfully, Jamal defended himself nicely and let Lucious know that his homophobia is more antiquated than his purple gators. Then he joined Delphine (played by the always delightful Estelle) in the studio for an uplifting tune called “Conqueror.” What a contrast to his sexy, Prince-inspired “All Of the Above.” Like Jamal, both songs are yummy.




Uhm, and can we talk about the deliciousness of a purple-drank tipsy Cookie as she told Malcolm he could “take a bite” and “take these cookies”? While Malcolm didn’t take the cookies, he checked them out after he saved Cookie’s purse from an armed mugger, of course. What a keeper.


“Take these cookies!!!!” pic.twitter.com/JI5qJJVELS #EmpireFOX

— Geneva S. Thomas (@GenevaSThomas) March 5, 2015

By episode’s end, Tiana had decided to stay with Empire, Delphine joined the team and all the Lyons – minus Andre – were singing about winning the battle and the war. Here’s hoping Andre can overcome his demons, too.


What did you think of the latest Empire and can you believe there are only two more weeks before this addictive show wraps up its first season? Weigh in below.