‘Empire’ Recap: Feeling Powerful
Chuck Hodes/ Fox

Feeling powerful was the name of the game on the latest episode of Empire.

Alicia Keys turned in a powerful guest starring turn as a pop singer named Skye Summers Wednesday night, Lucious felt powerful when he bought his eldest son a house for his ever growing family and Hakeem felt a rush of power as he told Anika to back off.

But the power move that had everybody talking on Twitter was that passionate and powerful lip lock between Skye and Jamal. Ooh wee. Things aren’t so black and white for our favorite Lyon child after all.

Alicia song so POWERFULLLLL that it turned Jamal straight #Empire

— Keante’™ 55K (@Flyallogy) November 26, 2015



YASSSSS Jamal kissed her.. I could feel the chemistry between them! Lol. #empire

— Missy Lynn (@missylynn) November 26, 2015



But come on, y’all. Maybe Jamal is bicurious, bisexual or just plain attracted to Skye. She is a beautiful woman, they had beautiful chemistry and that was a beautiful song so don’t hate. Wait.



Other high points included Laz standing up to his gangbanger pals, every scene where Cookie and Candace bickered, Rosie O’Donnell’s cameo as a Martha Stewart type, Dre and Rhonda’s phat new crib, Cookie telling Carol to go to rehab and Lucious being petty and knocking over a bottle of wine after seeing Cookie and Laz kiss.


Red wine? Oh Lucious you petty. #Empire

— Jillian Beaux (@jillianbowe) November 26, 2015



Of course, Lucious is not one to let Cookie be happy so he dug up the dirt on Laz and discovered that Laz was a thug and a conman. But here’s the thing. Isn’t it possible that Laz had turned a new leaf? He really seemed to try and turn his life around but sadly, it was too little too late. Guess Lucious and his henchmen killed him, huh? Dang. What a waste.


First Lucious spilled the wine and now he’s spilling the tea… #Empire

— Chris J. Harried (@cmjharried) November 26, 2015


When Lucious came in and exposed Laz #Empire pic.twitter.com/xjenr4UBFP

— khendra ♍ (@khendoll) November 26, 2015



Other low points included Anika’s stalker collection, Carol on crack, Carol’s vomit, Lee Daniels playing a version of himself, Lucious trying to bribe Hakeem and Hakeem yelling at Anika. He’s going to regret that one. Of course, all of this was a setup for next week’s highly anticipated fall finale which promises to be a doozy so don’t miss it. In the meantime, what did you think of the latest Empire titled “Sinned Against”? Weigh in below.



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