Empire paid homage to Shakespeare’s Hamlet by naming this week’s episode “Poor Yorick.” The question is, who was the Yorick on our favorite hip-hop soap?

All signs pointed to Andre Wednesday night as he continued to suffer his dad’s insults and verbal jabs—that is until he and Rhonda attempted to dig up Vernon. Once Lucious figured out that Andre and Rhonda killed Vernon – the only man who could testify against him – he fell fast in love with Andre, his new favorite son. Sigh. So many kinds of wrong. Tweeters thought so too.

Andre & Rhonda out here like….#Empire pic.twitter.com/DhyB08RJHR — khendra (@khendoll) October 15, 2015




Andre is going to drive himself crazy trying to please Lucious, and in the end it’ll all be for nothing. #Empire — xoNecole (@xonecole) October 15, 2015

As for the Yorick allegory, we’re guessing Vernon is Yorick. He did all that lying and cheating for Lucious, and for what? In life, he was just an expendable jester and in death, a decomposing corpse in the prosecutor’s car. Seriously, did they have to put his dead body in her car? And why is Lucious’ lawyer so knowledgeable and prepared when it comes to unearthing bodies? Can you say shady and creepy?


First off that lawyer tricky is a mess corpse finder lol. Then he put the dead decaying body in the ladies car. Lol #empire

— danielle mangum (@weekdaygirl) October 15, 2015

Other high notes included Lucious showing Roxanne Ford his little Lucious, Cookie prematurely celebrating Lucious’ raid before getting arrested, Cookie’s shout-out to Sandra Bland upon arrest, Cookie using Roxanne’s overeagerness to cunningly put an end to Lucious’ radio deal, Cookie and Roxanne’s war of words over wigs and weaves, Hakeem’s new lead singer and the Rolling Stone photographer’s unending thirst for Jamal.

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“If I die in police custody I did not commit suicide” #Empire #Cookie truer words have never been spoken on prime time TV! — Joan Clayton (@Jillyene) October 15, 2015

Low points included Jamal and Hakeem fighting, Michael and Hakeem’s growing hatred of Jamal’s rise to fame, Cookie being mean to Anika yet again (can someone please tell Anika about LinkedIn ASAP?) and Lucious lying to Hakeem about killing Bunkie.


‘Dad, did you kill Bunkie?’ ‘Son you have to believe me I would never lay a finger on that man’ #Empire pic.twitter.com/MbY7Sgk0d8 — (@naturalIy) October 15, 2015

In the end, nothing can top Vernon’s dead body in that lady prosecutor’s car. Nothing.


when you wake up and see your one night stand without make up #Empire pic.twitter.com/0PB148pXdx

— king of the fall (@lord_anarchy) October 15, 2015

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