‘Empire’ Recap: Hot and Steamy Dancing Days
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Supply and demand.

It’s what Cookie told potential IPO investors Lucious relied upon when he created his record label. But in truth, Empire as a series has created the real supply and demand.

Not only was Wednesday night’s episode, “Our Dancing Days,” hot and steamy but exceptionally touching when Lucious had the audacity to act like a real human being.

Perhaps it was his ALS death scare or the fact that he knows he’s a granddad now. OR maybe he’s a more complicated character than we thought. Any way you slice it, Lucious was a lot more likeable this time around.

That’s one of the reasons Lucious, Cookie and Anika had viewers tweeting well into the wee hours making some of the night’s top trending topics #Empire #Cookie and #BooBooKitty. Gotta love it.

Some of the best memes/tweets popped up when Lucious finally came clean and told Cookie and his sons about his deadly ALS diagnosis. First off, Hakeem and Jamal were really heartbroken and the hug between Lucious, Hakeem and Jamal was everything. But Andre?

Yeah, his bipolar disorder had him seeing red, cussing out his wife, threatening Hakeem and ending the night in the shower with his clothes and shoes on. Dayum! While some fans sympathized with Andre:

Andre went to that place some of us who have family or have personally experienced mental illness know. #empire #EmpireFox

— Bougie Black Girl (@BougieBlackGurl) February 19, 2015




Others couldn’t help but find humor:


When you find out yo Daddy got ALS and you wanna do the ice bucket challenge and raise maximum money #EmpireFOX pic.twitter.com/3KrDSaNiE6

— Raymond Webber (@Rayblinkie1906) February 19, 2015



But Andre wasn’t the only one on ten. Anika showed her ugly side when she sabotaged Cookie’s career efforts and slipped something druggy into Elle’s green tea. Folks were not happy about that.


#BooBooKitty is messing up the church’s money. #Empire

— Boss Lady. (@authentrovert) February 19, 2015





Now #BooBooKitty bout to make me come thru this TV #EmpireFOX

— Porsha Williams (@Porsha4real) February 19, 2015



Was it just us or did it seem like the new head of security Malcolm Deveaux (Derek Luke getting work) saw what Anika did? And if he did, why didn’t he say something? Is he going to blackmail Boo Boo Kitty or use that intel to get closer to Cookie? Some even wondered if the fan that wanted a selfie with Elle caught Anika in action. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


My only question is did the guy see boo boo kitty drug Elle #empire

— Bipolar Bunni (@BlkBunni) February 19, 2015


I think that picture caught boo boo kitty putting that drug in her drink #empire

— Blessed Chonyae (@BonitaJefaTayia) February 19, 2015



While it all worked out in the end with Jamal and Hakeem making up and lighting up the stage with “Money For Nothing,” it would’ve been cool to hear Elle sing her way to a comeback. What a shame. Courtney Love sounded great.



You know what else sounded great? Cookie’s charismatic speech for the investors had everyone cheering for #TeamCookie. Lucious picked the right one.


#Cookie‘s speech though #Empire

— Rosepedals (@kittykatBaby27) February 19, 2015


In a real time of need who does lucious go too…….cookie. Boom Anika @EmpireFOX @TherealTaraji

— Peggyann Doss (@DossPeggyann) February 19, 2015



The only thing better than Cookie’s speech was her sensual reunion with Lucious. Yes, we all knew this was coming but considering how Boo Boo Kitty was acting, this hookup was right on time. Best of all, Anika caught the pair in the act in that fabulous white jacket of hers.


Oooooooops my bad #BooBooKitty

— Taraji P. Henson (@TherealTaraji) February 19, 2015


There are two kinds of people in this world..LMFAO #EMPIRE #EmpireFOX #TeamCookieAndLucious pic.twitter.com/glFz2NfOOx

— Melanie Nicole (@LALMel2412) February 19, 2015



What did you think of the latest Empire, and were you on Twitter going crazy like the rest of us? Also, didn’t it seem like Camilla has more chemistry with Lucious than she does with Hakeem? And Hakeem had Roble! We want to know what you think so please weigh in below: