The Lyons sure know how to fight dirty and by the time Wednesday’s Sun Tzu-inspired episode Fires of Heaven came to an end, everyone had mud on their designer duds. Let’s start with ruthless Lucious. He insulted the prosecutor, dangled Andre’s old job in front of him while mocking his prayerful attempts, tried to get Anika to double-cross Cookie and Hakeem—and worst of all—stole Hakeem’s new leading lady Valentina, all but destroying Lyon Dynasty’s most promising act, Menage a Trois. Oh, and he bought a bunch of radio stations so that Lyon Dynasty’s artists wither on the vine. Dang.

Lucious Lyon. The Khaki Colored Killah. He don’t play fair. #Empire

— Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) October 8, 2015
That said Hakeem and Cookie did come for Lucious when they crashed his welcome home party so they had to know that when he struck back, he’d go for blood. Notice how Lucious threw Hakeem’s lion cub line back in his face? So dirty.


— Satoria (@hashtagsray) October 8, 2015
Just when it seemed like Cookie and Hakeem were going to rise to the top Lucious crushed their dreams. While the jury is still out on Hakeem—did you see how devastated that boy looked when he found out Valentina betrayed him?—no one should ever count out Cookie. Ever. Until Cookie rebounds, here’s the music that Lyon Dynasty brought us and that includes a delicious cameo from the show’s Grammy-winning composer Timbaland on the song “Dynasty.” Meanwhile, Menage a Trois was only bearable after Cookie taught them how to shake their money makers but the hook on “Do It” wasn’t half-bad. Other high points included Cookie telling Valentina to sing the song in a less than kind way, Cookie’s reference to Unsung, Cookie dragging Lucious’ dinner to the floor, Pitbull making plans with Cookie and Cookie’s crazy metal outfit when she bum rushed Lucious’ party.

Cookie showed up to the club like.. #Empire

— Ramel (@itsRamel) October 8, 2015


— LORD OF THE AUX CORD (@pradahungry) October 8, 2015
Low points included Lucious treating Andre like dirt once again, Jamal and Lucious arguing over Freda, Lucious flirting with the prosecutor, and Lucious grabbing Freda while she fired a gun. Huh?

Lucious picked her up while she was shooting the gun and no one got shot #Empire

— Ω∇Ω (@JetSetter93) October 8, 2015
But, as always, the absurdities did not outweigh the unforgettable one-liners and twists on this still addictive drama. Not to mention the fact that that hands down, Lucious is one of the best villains on television. What did you think of the latest installment of Empire? Weigh in below.


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