‘Empire’ Recap: What Do You Want?
Courtesy of Fox

The question of the night on Empire was “What do you want?”

And as viewers found out Wednesday night, Lucious’ list of wants included everything from signing a rival label’s artist named Titan to making Hakeem the superstar he thinks he can be. Lucious also wanted to make that detective stop sweating him about Bunkie’s murder – you know the one he committed – but Andre came up with a false alibi for his dear old dad, so ta-ta for now Detective Walker.

Wow. Andre BEEN taking up for his father. Real. #Empire

— Krissy Brierre (@krissybri) January 29, 2015


Andre to the rescue once again #Empire

— lee daniels (@leedanielsent) January 29, 2015


Meanwhile, Cookie wants a better office. She also wants to make Tiana a household name now that she’s her manager and everything. Cookie even wants to sign Titan to Empire. If that means going all Nation of Islam, covering her head and bearing her soul to Titan’s mama, she’s down.

Cookie in a hijab (with leopard skirt) working some angle with the Nation of Islam. Aaron Spelling smiles hard from heaven. #EmpireFOX

— shinan govani (@shinangovani) January 29, 2015


Speaking of down, kudos to the writers for making Anika (Grace Gealey) a more complicated character than she has been. Come on. Who didn’t appreciate it when she compassionately helped a shaky handed Lucious shave after he told her about his ALS diagnosis? Heck, Anika nearly took a bullet trying to sign Titan. That’s how down she was trying to be. While that was a little hard for some fans on Twitter to get behind – possibly because she was the last to stop, drop and roll – the act helped establish Anika as a real character instead of a debutante caricature.

Old girl’s shots fired reflexes are TOO slow. Dang! @EmpireFOX #EmpireFOX

— Giselle Phelps (@GisellePhelps) January 29, 2015

If you take a shot everytime Cookie says “debutante”, you’ll be tipsy by 9:30. #Empire

— Demetria Lucas (@abelleinbk) January 29, 2015

But let’s get back to those wants because folks on Twitter wanted a lot. For starters, they wanted Cookie and Anika to hook up and if that doesn’t happen, they’ll settle for a romantic reunion between Cookie and Lucious. Wowsers.

so I need Cookie and BooBoo Kitty to get together #Empire

— Sydette (@Blackamazon) January 29, 2015

Cookie and Lucious about to get that old thing back #EmpireFOX

— Felix Hunger (@CJStarchild) January 29, 2015

Other folks wanted Hakeem to treat Cookie and Tiana with more respect and for Jamal to take back that check he earned.

Jamal is crazy. This NYC rent doesn’t allow people to pass up checks for actual work. He’ll sing the Bushwick Blues all season. #Empire

— Imaeyen Ibanga (@iiwrites) January 29, 2015

Meanwhile, Judd Nelson fans were wrapping their minds around his delicious guest starring turn while others bobbed their heads to Tiana’s catchy hook “I ain’t got time for love.” And a few tweeters rolled their eyes about Titan’s stereotypical trigger finger.

Hey kids always remember authentic in hip hop equates to shooting someone and going to jail for it. #Empire

— Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) January 29, 2015

Yassssss Judd Nelson aka John Bender. The reason I like bad boys. #Empire pic.twitter.com/CsD9Df0dbo

— BoxyFrown (@missboxyfrown) January 29, 2015

When is this girl playing Tiana gone release some stuff for real for real #Empire

— VisionAriesPR (@VinceBAries) January 29, 2015

But overall, a lot of viewers got the feeling that Empire is not only here to stay but it’s getting better by the week. We couldn’t agree more.

#Empire gets stronger with each episode! Great job @EmpireFOX @leedanielsent @Dannystrong @LDanielsButler!

— Eric West (@EricXWest) January 29, 2015


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