Is Eminem To Blame For Last Weekend’s Empire State Building Light Show?
Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Rag & Bone
New Yorkers were puzzled by an unexpected light show that took place atop the Empire State Building last weekend. On Saturday night, the New York City skyscraper began lighting up in a variety of colors that did not match the orange and blue shades it was scheduled to show for the New York Islanders’ home opener. It continued to display these odd colors for nearly two hours completely overshadowing the hockey team and confusing passersby. The lights were accompanied by two helicopters circling the top of the iconic building, leaving some concerned. Witnesses to the event took to the internet to make sense of the crazy lights. Some claimed that the lights were signs that aliens had landed while others maintained that the light operator was clearly not on his A-game.
The most credible theory, however, is that Saturday night’s light show was apart of a music video Eminem was filming. Nothing has been officially confirmed by the rapper’s team, but Josh Namdar, an Art Director at Ogilvy, uploaded two clips to his Instagram Story about filming a video at the Empire State Building. Namdar also claims to have seen comedienne Guillermo Rodriguez filming what might have been a possible cameo for the video “downstairs” in the building. An advanced LED light system was installed in the Empire State Building back in 2012. Light shows that take advantage of the system usually coincide with major national holidays or cultural announcements, but there was radio silence concerning the origin of this change up. The fan pages assumed Namdar had inside information because of his job, but the plot thickened when he responded to an inquiry by Mashable stating that he wasn’t involved in the video at all. Namdar said in a statement that he simply heard about the music video from a doorman when he inquired about all the activity as he was walking by. Manhattan’s never boring, but there’s nothing like a Saturday night mystery to spice things up.